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  • start up problems

    02. 17. 2019 17:50


Hi there!


I arn running Win10pro on a AMD Ryzen2400G PC aand cannot play in the last 2 months or so. Before it was working on that same PC.

Update works but end with a chinese (?) pop-up and an "ok" button.

The game(?) starts with the dfferent CV'S in harbor, then only a small centered window with music and now "happy new year" wishes. Then it just idles with music without any graphic output althoush some mouse capture still works. I enabled the files in bit defender etc.

What has changed the  last months?

Any ideas?


Regards - T7



  • Re : start up problems

    02. 25. 2019 03:26


update - worked a bit in Win10 defender and have now a Trojan/zpevdo alarm in "main.dll" 

I guess it i up to kupaisky to talk to Microsoft so that it goes onto their whitelist. Or not?


regards - T7

  • Re : start up problems

    03. 08. 2019 04:25


got this for main.dll from virustotal. And you ask me to play this game ???:

  • Re : start up problems

    03. 10. 2019 00:13


Howdy torp, 

Have you tried recently? If the last pat hes didnt change anything you could try adding it to the exceptions list for your virus software. 

They haven't cleared out my bank account (at least not that I know ^^ ) so you should be ok.give a yell if it doesn't work.