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  • Lego!

    08. 21. 2011 16:02

who has some? 
what do you collect?
What is your favourite model?
Which would you dream to have (but probably cant/wont get)?
Any customs or modified ones?

ive somehow recently got back into it... dont know why, 
just seem to now have the inclination to collect star wars lego :P 
I mostly prefer ships/vehicles that are closer to minifig scale...

I have the 8017 Darth Vaders Tie which tbh I absolutely love and think with this one they got it spot on,
specially with the colours (hated the old blue trimmings)

8088 ARC 170, really nicely designed i think, just couldnt resist its beauty!
8087 Tie Defender, it seems, i dont know.. too... spindly/thin and long on the wings perhaps? 
but i liked the design of the ship itself so got it anyways :P
7672 Rogue Shadow which my lovely gf bought for me (was actually my first one that got me started on it all :P

7676 Republic Gunship originally saw it at TrU for £90 but decided at the time i couldnt afford to spend the 
money on it... then after my collection started I wanted it but no longer for sale in shops so I ebayed one and 
bricklinked the bits that were missing, including the minifigs (havnt got plo-koon, dont care much to get him).

Near the end of gettin the 7676 version complete, I saw on Ebay instructions for a custom of the 7163 version
replicated to look like the Clone Wars series ARC version. Instantly fell in love with it :P started ordering all the 
pieces required but I felt it was just a tad bit too short mainly in the clone bay (being based on the 7163 version,
I personally prefer the 7676) so also ordered bits to extend the clone bay by 4 studs, as well as to extend the
forward doorway an extra stud so instead of 3 wide and unable to fit a minifig there, it was 4 wide and I could 
fit a minifig there and also make a door for it. I much prefer my extended version (even over the 7676) now it can
fit a more modest amount of minifigs inside it (roughly 16 in the clone bay and 3 or 4 just forward of the clonebay).
I also made a medical droid as I have Bariss Offee stood in the clone bay being a medic Jedi herself :P 

just wondered how many out there also collect and what you collect?
Unless you have just 1 or 2 pics, please refrain from overflowing this thread with pics,
but pleeeease do provide links to an album of them =D

My lego pics can be seen here:
any wth does my damn typing go far off the page and i actually have to press return to keep it within my view? 
(in this typing box) 


  • Re : Lego!

    08. 21. 2011 19:44

Actually I dont have any model bought. I just bought basic piece of lego such as1x1, 2x2,3x2 4x2...

I managed to make a ship and make some other not artistic work.

  • Re : Lego!

    08. 21. 2011 21:30

I made some ships and planes out of random lego pieces i've created.

  • Re : Lego!

    08. 22. 2011 10:32

21 here, been playing with/ collecting since 3.
stopped buying since in high school.
only got collectors ferrari and such

been buying stock bricks recently
now have buckets of gray

built some huge space craft (only existing large model) with all gray
and a white iowa (foot long scaled) with reject pieces

off to college
mom trips over 4ft model perfectly balanced on 3 twiggy landing gear
come home for summer
been drowning my tears with navyfield

  • Re : Lego!

    08. 22. 2011 10:58

I've got about 6/7 large boxes full of Lego bits. Stuff from Police Stations to Football pitches. Last time I counted, I had about 400 actual lego people.


  • Re : Lego!

    08. 22. 2011 16:22

lmfao kingcong xD i know the feeling, i dropped my republic gunship, it broke into many pieces :< but i can imagine yours was quite a bit worse :P
lmao sindher, we play navyfield, who isnt sad? xD

  • Re : Lego!

    08. 30. 2011 16:35

I have a HUGE collection of LEGOes. I'm 19 and an AFOL (Adult fan of LEGO). Here's my photobucket:
Warning, there's a lot of NON-LEGO stuff in there- you'll have to go back many pages to see everything.

Here is the IJN DD Fubuki made from LEGOes:

Stuka bomber:

IJN Seaplane (F1M Pete)

These are all custom, mind you. I do own many sets but with the sheer amount of extra pieces I have I end up making lots of military stuff,

Some interpretations of NF characters:

Well, this isn't my thread so I won't post way too much, but if you're interested then have a look @ the photobucket from time to time. I may update soon. I also have a brickshelf account, but I didn't upate that because I get frustrated with the upload format a lot...those folders hate me... >w<

  • Re : Lego!

    08. 31. 2011 13:09

Originally Posted by BarracudaSp

Well, this isn't my thread so I won't post way too much

this is why i made this thread, so you can =D although as i mentioned, links are better than pages and pages of pics in the thread itself :)
soon as ive had my bath in a sec ill be checkin your photobucket and the links =D the stuka sounds v interesting, cant wait to see it !

  • Re : Lego!

    08. 31. 2011 14:57

I think we had 3 big tubs when I was a kid, mostly Pirate and Space sets. Used to have tons of fun making Pirate hideouts under our living room table.

Waiting for someone to come in and post the Lego Yamato.

  • Re : Lego!

    09. 01. 2011 16:31

Originally Posted by Chief0Milo

lmfao kingcong xD i know the feeling, i dropped my republic gunship, it broke into many pieces :< but i can imagine yours was quite a bit worse :P

at least rep gunship had instructi.ons =P

she had a crew of about 40 minifgures. All lost with her destruction.

  • Re : Lego!

    09. 01. 2011 17:45

I have some 3 large boxes worth of older lego pieces, and a 10030 star destroyer. My little brother tripped on it somehow when he was running around the house and lost some pieces. Very sad day for me.

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