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  • 2019 Thank you for your support and Happy Thanksgiving!

    11. 29. 2019 00:46 PST

2019 is coming to an end, let us conclude of what we did this year, and thank you for your support at the same time!

We know that our effort is not enough, we will continue to work hard and develop NavyField:Fleet Mission while balancing new and old elements, balancing the interest of free and paid players. No matter how tough is the road ahead, we will not give up. 

In 2019 we fixed the following:
Extended Sound Effect
Crash after Habour Assault
Shipyard adjust daytime/night effect according to time
New window mode
Much lowered main program crash rate
Auto minimap after leaving shipyard
Added 7 nations Level 90 Event BB(Collection Series)
Added 7 nations new ECV/EBB5.5
Restore cloud system during battle
HQ storage system change
Optimize compatibility to reduce frame drop
Remake of client login interface 
Change Great Battle 1 battle start waiting function
Optimize client program system resource usage
Optimize Blitzkrieg team split issue
Optimize international network to ensure fair gaming of all players
Online store is up to let players able to purchase real life NF items
Successfully held two tournaments and one BB/CV7 match
Server accessing point expanded to 27 points around the globe to help players have a smoother gaming connection

What we gonna do in 2020:
Ship strengthening system
China harbour
Add new gaming mode and fix bugs in existing modes
Rebalance of all ships
To be added.......

Our team is working hard in preparing the next year improvement contents with humble mindset and firm principles, in order to thank you all for your long support, we have prepared the following event for you during this Happy Thankgiving 2019!

Event period: 28 Nov 04:00 ~ 1 Dec 23:59 (PST Time)
1. After the start of this event, we provide amnesty under limited conditions
   A) Accounts that were banned because of Game Guard detection within 2 months after server consolidation(1 May 2018), we consider players may not familiar with the new system
   B) Other accounts that were not permanently banned because of macroing, hacking, exploiting bugs, real world trading, false account information. Starting from today we accept these players to send ticket to us, we will review case by case and consider about unban.
*STEAM invalid charging incident accounts are not included, players involved still need to achieve original requirements before able to be unbanned(Compensate the money of bought items/Call the police with proof)*
However, accounts unbanned will be monitored and will not be allowed to change personal information, and if there are serious offence again it will be permanent banned again without warning.

2. Premium account, sailor related items and expert deluxe pack will be sold with 8% off in item store during event

3.  28 Nov 04:00 ~30Nov 07:59  (PST Time)  --- extended to 30 Nov 20:00 (PST Time) due to 2 hours unexpected server downtime
    A) Random item drop in Great Battle 1 and Blitzkrieg  
    B) No Crew Death  
    C) Credit and Point reward will be raised by 10% in battle  
    D) Premium account 400% and Normal account 350% Veteran Conversion Rate(Premium account success bonus will be added additionally)

4. ChongQing[Memorial ship] is open for limited sale during event period

Turtle Ship, Black Pearl, Project X-D, Server Consolidate Celebration Pack will be removed from item store from now. 

NavyField Fleet Mission Management Team