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  • Patch on 22-02-2020

    02. 22. 2020 13:01


Details patch on 22-02-2020


Remain game version with Newbie version, 6/6.5 series ships cannot join Great Battle room, experience gain will be lower as no high level ships contribution (6/6.5 series), please do not spread any rumors that we adjust the experience gain officially, forum ban for one week if catch by spread rumors.


1.     Add new data on Nation China


        CN CA FCS I (aiming)

        CN CA FCS I (finder)

        CN CA FCS I (auto)

        CN CA FCS I (Auto FCS X)



        CN CV Engine IV (Normal)

        CN CV Engine IV (Light)

        CN CV Engine IV (Heavy)


        Naval Gun

        CN Double Barrel 3.9”/50 “Minizini”

        CN Double Barrel 5.1”/45SD-2

        CN Quintuple Barrel 7.2” Mark 10 projector LL

        CN Septuple Barrel 7.2” Mark 11 projector LL


        Torpedo Launcher

        CN Depth Charge Launcher I

        CN Mine Launcher I



        CN 3.9” HE Shell Normal

        CN 3.9” HE Shell Light

        CN 3.9” HE Shell Heavy

        CN 3.9” APC Shell

        CN 3.9” AA Shell

        CN 5.1” HE Shell Normal

        CN 5.1” HE Shell Light

        CN 5.1” HE Shell Heavy

        CN 5.1” AP Shell

        CN 5.1” AA Shell

        CN Star Shell

        CN M65 Aircraft Bomb - GP

        CN M65 Aircraft Bomb – AP

        CN 1500 lbs Aircraft Bomb -GP

        CN 1500 lbs Aircraft Bomb –AS

        CN KB

        CN Depth Charge I

        CN 22.4" Mark 13a AircraftTorp

        CN 17.7" Mark XV AircraftTorp




        CN Walrus

        CN SON-1 Seagull

        CN LeO H43

        CN Dauntless Recon

        CN Yak-9PD



        CN Sea Gladiator

        CN F6F Hellcat

        CN P-55 Ascender

        CN MiG-3

        CN C.714

        CN VB-10C


        Dive Bomber

        CN SBD Dauntless

        CN Blackburn Skua Mk II

        CN C-47 Skytrain


        Torpedo Bomber

        CN TBD Devastator

        CN Il-2T


2.     Fix Liaoning image bug.

3.     Add CV Liaoning to accumulated KPcoin charge event (6000RMB charged value)


If auto-update failed, please download the patch file manually.

Manual Patch Link 1

Navyfield FleetMission Mamangement Team