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  • Patch on 26-02-2020

    02. 27. 2020 14:37

Details patch on 26-02-2020

Remain game version with Newbie version, 6/6.5 series ships cannot join Great Battle room, experience gain will be lower as no high level ships contribution (6/6.5 series), please do not spread any rumors that we adjust the experience gain officially, forum ban for one week if catch by spread rumors.

1. Update Recon CN SON-1 Seagull, remove Recon CN SOC-1 Seagull

2. Update Torpedo Bomber CN TBD Devastator level from 45 to 41

3. Update Di
ve Bomber CN SBD Dauntless level from 53 to 48

4. Fix some message bug.

If auto-update failed, please download the patch file manually.

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Navyfield FleetMission Management Team