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  • Firepower King Ladder Season 2 & Patch 8 Apr

    04. 07. 2020 18:34

Patch details on 08-04-2020

Scheduled maintenance on 06:00 08-04-2020 local server time, estimated time is 3 hours

(08-04-2020 15:00 to 18:00 PST)


Change game version to Newbie version, 6/6.5 series ships cannot join Great Battle room, experience gain will be lower as no high level ships contribution (6/6.5 series), please do not spread any rumors that we adjust the experience gain officially, forum ban for one week if catch by spread rumors.


1.     Navyfield Firepower King Ladder Season 2 started

        Event period 08-04-2020 00:00 to 30-04-2020 local server time

        (07-04-2020 09:00 to 30-04-2020 08:59 PST)


During the event, players who join Great Battle and stay more than 5 minutes will be eligible to enter the NavyField Fleet Mission Ladder Competition.


All participant statistics will be counted on 5am next day (Server Time), players can login to the ladder competition page and check for personal score and rank on 6am next day. After the competition the final result will be announced, prize will be delivered according to personal score and rank. And the ultimate prize will goes to the player with highest firepower - Firepower King.

Event Page 

Event Prize:

Players are encouraged to play battles actively, this event does not have other prizes beside Firepower King. (Except ranking prizes)


Firepower Champion Prize:

500 KPcoin + 7 Days Premium Account

Eligible to join annual Firepower King Competition


Firepower 1st runner-up:

300 KPcoin + 7 days Premium Account


Firepower 2nd runner-up:

200 KPcoin + 7 days Premium Account


Ranking Prize:

Top 10 firepower Players: (Except Top 3)

Expert +100 x10 (Total 1000 experts) + 7 days Premium Account


Firepower rank 11-100:

Random Super Elite Sailor x 1 + 7 days Premium Account, Credits and Points 500k each


Firepower rank 101-300:

Credits and Points 300k each + 3 days Premium Account


Firepower rank 301-500:

Credits and Points 200k each, Exp + 30% (Include 50 uses in victory battles)


Firepower rank 501-600:

Credits and Points 100k each


Firepower rank 601+

Credits and Points 50k each


1.     Update on Nation China

i.             Add new ship

DD YongSui

DD MinQuan

CV FuWei


Add new Premium Ship

                  PS DingYuan


iii.          Add new FCS

                  CN DD FCS II (Aiming)

                  CN DD FCS II (Finder)

                  CN DD FCS II (Auto)

                  CN DD FCS II (Auto FCS X)

                  CN CL FCS I (Aiming)

                  CN CL FCS I (Finder)

                  CN CL FCS I (Auto)

                  CN CL FCS I (Auto FCS X)

iv.         Add new Engine

                  CN DD Engine II (Normal)

                  CN DD Engine II (Light)

                 CN DD Engine II (Heavy)

                  CN CV Engine II (Normal)

                 CN CV Engine II (Light)

                 CN DD Engine II (Heavy)


v.            Add naval gun

                  CN Single Barrel 5.9" /55 SKC/28L

                  CN Dual Barrel 5.9" /55 SKC /28L

                  CN Dual Barrel 5.9" /48 TBK SKC/36-T L


vi.          Add torpedo launcher

                  CN 21" G7e T2 x3 Launcher

                  CN 21" G7e T2 x4 Launcher


3.     Revised English launcher

If player failed the auto-update, please download the patch files manually.


Patch Link

Navyfield FleetMission Management Team