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  • Main Fleet X Squad

    06. 02. 2020 08:07 PST

  • I want to move some members of the main Fleet to a squad.
  • Without having to get them out of Fleet. 

  • They have a penalty of several days.


  • Re : Main Fleet X Squad

    06. 02. 2020 20:48 PST


Here is a list of commands players should know.
This list was compiled from several posts in the old website, so credit goes to all those who have worked on this over the years.

This list will be updated when more commands appear.

/? : Brings up all the commands

/mod  : Find mods online.

/w <username> : Sends a direct message to the user (whisper). You are also able to switch to the person you whisper by typing /w <space> and use the arrows (up/down) on your keyboard to switch between your latest recipients.

/r : Responds to a direct message 

/f : Fleet chat 

/s : Squadron chat 

/t : Team Chat (instead of F2) 

/a : All chat (used when switching from fleet/squad/whisper mode to all chat)

/who <username>  : Checks a players stats. To see your own stats just type /who

/where <username> :  Find out where a person is.

/j <Username> : Joins a battle where Username is

/i <Username> : Invites Username to battle.

/user fleet : Shows who in the fleet is online

/user squad : Shows who in your squad is online (/user direct fleet if you are in the root squad)

/time : Shows the time left on a subscription and the account type

/q : Quits NF except in battle

/e <Number> : Enters a chat channel. Number can be between 1 and 65535

/x <Number> : Exits a chat channel.

/user <Number> : shows which users are in chat channel.

/clear : Clears the Chat Window. 

/df : Main Fleet Chat

/user df : Users online in the Main Fleet/Squad 


/movemember : Moves a member from one squad to the main fleet (or from main to squad). 

How to use movemember: 
mainfleet = code for the main fleet
1-5 =codes for squads.

In order to move a member from the main fleet to the first squad you type: /movemember 1 <username>

 To move a member from a squad to the main fleet: /movemember mainfleet <username>

If you want to move a member from one squad to another squad, it is safer to move it to the main fleet first and then to another squad, although it might work directly.


Video with all the commands and what are they for. Credit goes to Elliot2lazy

*Updated 06/12/2017

just thought id paste the whole post as there is some other useful info there

  • Re : Main Fleet X Squad

    06. 03. 2020 05:25 PST


That's what I was looking for.

I knew it existed, I just didn't know where it was.

Thank you