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  • Patch on 26-08-2020

    08. 26. 2020 19:51


Details patch on 26-08-2020

Game version has been changed to Veteran Version, BBCV6/6.5 are allowed to join Great Battle I

1.      HA declaration fee change to 0.

2.      Debug on client disconnected after HA rooms.

3.      VIP daily mission change from GB1 to Night battle during the Greyhound event period

4.      Fix Chinese character display on English client launcher

Since we encrypted our files, maybe false detected by some of the anti-virus software, you can check for details on the below link about the result of our file.

Result of Anti-Virus online check

If auto-update failed, please download the patch file manually.

Patch Link

If player always encounter auto-updated failed, we suggest you to using the STEAM version.

STEAM version

Navyfield Management Team