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  • Limiting max level

    09. 07. 2020 02:09

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Can we please have a way of limiting max level for GB2 / Night battles?

There is nothing more infuriating than trying to level up a new BB / CV crew, only to be absolutely decimated because more than half of every single battle has full 120+ elite crews.

Not only does it ruin your chances of gaining any decent amount of exp, but it also renders you completely useless to your team for that battle.

Back in the day during NF's prime, it was fine, you could make a BB / CV 1-4 room and enough players would share your opinion to populate it... You can't do that now. A significant amount of players are pay to play, myself included to a degree (buying premium, occasional exp / vet pack) But I can't afford to drop several hundred pounds a month just to enjoy the game and be competitive, nor should I be expected to.

A very simple fix for this would be a battle mode that limits the max level to somewhere around the 110-115 level, which should give players of the 70-90 range significantly more chance to compete. Or better yet, let us actually use the already existing feature to manually set it. If a player sets it too low, nobody will populate it, and it's a self regulating feature.

You already have the option to limit the max level in your room creation, but you can't use said feature, and we should not be expected to sacrifice the events / benefits of a pre selected battle room just to not have our fighters get shot down by bombers.

I understand the fundementals behind the devs decisions, but I've also seen just how incredibly supportive and understanding the devs have always been, and genuinely think this will benefit more people than it will hinder, because, let's be honest... the only people going to complain are the ones who pay to win and need the advantage to satisfy their needs.. But they can just do it again with a different crew if it's bothering them that much, we have no alternative to their max level crews.

Edit: After thinking about it some more. I feel the best way to summarize what I mean is, a blitzkrieg for BB/CV1-4. Blitzkrieg is great to level up to 60, but then you're thrown straight in to battles where a good portion of the players are double your level. Blitzkrieg is 0-60, this new mode could be 0-100 (for example), and keep everything else as is.