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  • Anticheat

    10. 28. 2020 02:09


Anticheat update failed, yesterday we and some friends were playing all good.
Today we all 3 got the same error message.


  • Re : Anticheat

    10. 28. 2020 02:33


el juego sigue caído ... yo y otros colegas también tuvimos el mismo error

  • Re : Anticheat

    10. 28. 2020 04:05


the same shit, with gameguard it does not update neither by steam nor not client, I have tried everything and nothing in the discord of NF many players with the same problem

  • Re : Anticheat

    10. 28. 2020 04:08


It continually gives an error with the update of the anticheat, I already tried uninstalling the game, deleting it from steam, deactivating the firewall and a long list of etc ... and I still can't play, I just wanted to play and i already lost more than half a day trying to do that the game works, in discord the gm does not answer the messages (it is online)

Continuamente da un error con la actualización del anticheat, ya intenté desinstalar el juego, eliminarlo de Steam, desactivar el firewall y una larga lista de etc ... y sigo sin poder jugar, solo quería jugar y ya perdí más de medio día tratando de hacer que el juego funcione, en discordia el gm no responde los mensajes (está en línea)

  • Re : Anticheat

    10. 28. 2020 06:27


Attention Moderators and Technical Support.

I can't get into the game.
It is not updating Game Guard.
We need the attention of the moderators now.

Premium account and the event, costs US $.

Let's pay attention to the players.

  • Re : Anticheat

    10. 28. 2020 08:26


The same error that all players. What about the coins for the event actually running ? 

  • Re : Anticheat

    10. 28. 2020 09:12


An official answer would be nice.

Been trying since yesterday to log in, tried updating, tried adding exceptions TO THE ENTIRE STEAM FOLDER, tried checkign game files with both antivirus AND firewall on, off, with exceptions, without  them, windows safe mode, after restarting my PC, running steam as ADMIN then downloading the game with AV and firewall off, running the game as admin, verifying my only windows profile had admin priviledges (Which obviously it had), checked the files for the game anticheat and added and exception to both the downloading folder AND the NF alongside the anticheat folder...

The game still won't launch because the anticheat won't "update".

Yes, I did Check if the files were being downloaded, I tried sending them but the customer service from the anticheat program is another issue.

I thought it might have been some weird thing on my side that would probably fix itself after the next update cycle, but apparently I'm not the only one.

  • Re : Anticheat

    10. 28. 2020 09:42


Any solutions or oficial answer?

  • Re : Anticheat

    10. 28. 2020 09:44


Same problem and waiting fo rmore than 10 hours for playing.... do something.... many players same situation

  • Re : Anticheat

    10. 28. 2020 09:52


same problem

  • Re : Anticheat

    10. 28. 2020 10:37


Some of ours friends who can play, they send us their GameGuard folder, it fixed for somebody, but for others, we get the blackscreen and game shut down, at least, we can launch the game now

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