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  • Are you returning to navyfield 2020?

    11. 01. 2020 20:54


Hello everyone!!

I will share my little story with you and maybe I can hear from you as well ?

It's been very long time for me but I am back in this game from almost 5 year break.

I met a great friend at that time, his nick name was benser33 ,haven't heard from him since 2016 and can't find him anywhere. Spent most of my time with him in this game and he did some really , really great guidence for me. So if you read this, it would be great to talk with you again buddy but if not it's okay, i know you are probably doing great somewhere out there.
I met a cool guys at fleet when I joined one from the very first time, at that time I was experiencing problems at life and one guy in my fleet was even from my country and he came up to me with solution and even offered me a job at his place. This game is really something different , something good . ( not the disconnects)

When  I left this game I sold all my crew and so I have to start from a new page what isn't so bad ,actually I like this way, the only problem I'm having is that I want to play everything at once. To be the sneaky SS , to support team with CV or just go as a battle ship but for now I am training back my battle ship crew and it's been so great so far.

How about you ? Thank you if you have got so far and read my little story .
Maybe you have a story to share as well ? For me it would be great to read other people experience with navyfield as I really used to love this game years ago.


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    11. 13. 2020 04:47


Im kinda bored, so here is my story:

I started on EU Server.
My brother told me about this game when I was 13 years old, I didnt even understand what I am doing. I was playing BB4 with Auto. My brother joined a fleet back then and they ended up inviting me later aswell. It was a good time, but I did not really do anything with the fleet besides chatting. I basically just liked the logo.
I ended up not playing NavyField anymore, because I had other games to play in my freetime.

One day I wanted to join NavyField again, but I realised the EU Servers are not working.
I was thinking NavyField is dead, but oh no we were far from it's end. I saw NavyField NA is still working so I joined there.
I saw my old fleet is also playing there and I joined them again.
I met some great people and spend alot of time with them. I sadly do not remember any names.
I played until BB4 of US. I was so close to the Iowa when all my Sailors disappeared over the night. Someone stole them by trade. I didnt really care and took a break from the game.
I joined just 5 months later and started a KM SS.
I played until KM SS 4 and took another break.
Now im here on the current Server and I still own my SS and some other ships ;)

I really enjoy playing NavyField again.
It is definitly a game which will stay in my mind.

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    11. 18. 2020 02:32


I played beta on N/A, ... when was that, 2003? Anyways, played for years, 2 BB6 crews, 2 BB5 crews of the original 4 nations. Stopped... came back... stopped again.

Started again since 4 weeks or so. Remembered my login/password. Reactivating through that KP website is quite easy. Played for a few weeks... remembered my HQ/Item 4 digit pincode... and there were my BB5 IJN crew and SN crew without BO, and all premium ships I've ever bought. That was a nice surprise! Resetted my USN BO to SN, got a nice SN BB crew now.

Player base is different though, but I'll stick around for a while.

  • Re : Are you returning to navyfield 2020?

    11. 21. 2020 16:01



I have (i spoke to support on Facebook to get my very old account back).

Downloaded via steam and played 1 battle on every ship (nearly all still a bit of time yet but i got crushed pretty badly hahah). I was afraid i could not remember the controls lol. Its good is more battles on than 10 years ago and 0 lag 0 crashes (10 battles so far and 0 crash to desktop).

Best fun in 10 years :)