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  • Increase Number of CV in GB

    11. 16. 2020 15:02

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Have 6 CV max in GB makes all CV players have to wait about 5 to 10 minutes for a battle to start. 
It's quite unfair if you're a full CV player.
There's 20 BBs with 6 CVS 
Why not make it 20 BBs with 8 CVs? 


  • Re : Increase Number of CV in GB

    11. 18. 2020 06:18


Are you sure you want to have more bomber CVs in battle? OK

if you want that then have fun with the hail of bombs.

But then more Player left this game and you have to wait for BB players 10 minutes or more 

  • Re : Increase Number of CV in GB

    11. 19. 2020 02:15


For the love of god NOOOOOO.... we do not need more useless BW CVs in the game. CVs way back when use to run fighters just to help secure a win. There are reasons CVs/SS/ other BBs target BBs as such a priority. They are dangerous. letting your BBs see/ blind the enemy insures their security. BW Cvs are nothing more than a BB that puts out less damage per minute and can be easily countered. IF CVs spent more time supporting the team and less about bombing targets then lowering their planes to be auto shot down or sending them to map border to be shot down uselessly to speed up reloading then we can discuss adding more CVs. till that point BW CVs add nothing to the game really. AAWs can counter them easily/ smoke/ ftrs and better hope you dont come across a FTW CV. Too many games have I seen 1 FTW CV make an entire enemy team of 3 BW Cvs completely ineffective costing not just them the game but the team the game. This game is very loose on its setup for ships which I enjoy the freedom, however some things set a team at a huge disadvantage and can swing the outcome of games wildly. MM doesnt look at a ship setup/ level and doesnt care that it just gave A team 1 CV4 mixed load out and 2 CV6s with FTWs and  B team 2 PCVs with BW only setup and a CV1-2 with a FTW setup... That CV1-2 will be out of planes in 2 minutes of game play and the BW Cvs will be at the mercy of the enemy teams ftrs. MM doesnt juggle those carriers and because the amount of CVs is so limited the weight they carry is higher for the team. Simply put if your CV isnt up to scratch neither is your team. Yes games can be won with bad/ bw Cvs but it only takes a FTW CV to stop that...

  • Re : Increase Number of CV in GB

    11. 22. 2020 18:30



  • Re : Increase Number of CV in GB

    11. 26. 2020 22:45


Is not more CV, is CV with mixed crew GB and stop full torpedo or bomberwhore in GB.
Full torpedobomber or bomberwhore does been not allowed in GB.

  • Re : Increase Number of CV in GB

    12. 18. 2020 12:34


Honestly i reccomend this every time I rejoin NF I still think this could be more good than bad, as a fellow CV player it would be nice to be able to fit at least 2 more cvs in 1 GB at a time 8 Total, keep the minimums the same but increase the max