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  • Patch on 2020-11-25

    11. 25. 2020 17:26


Patch details on 2020-11-25

Game version change to Newbie version, 6/6.5 series ships cannot join Great Battle room.


1.      Fixed the bug of slow loading during game startup.

2.      Further optimize the client execution efficiency.

3.      Fixed the problem of false-positive by some Anti-Virus Software.

4.      We tried to fix the bug of Harbor Assaults. Please join the Harbor Assaults this week, see if the bug still exists and send support ticket to tell us the result.

Since we encrypted our files, you can check for a virus check through the following link

Anti-Virus online check

If player always encounter auto-updated failed, we suggest you to using the STEAM version.

STEAM version 

Navyfield Management Team