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  • Blitz & GB adjusted to improve player experience

    12. 09. 2020 19:02

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We need to encourage more players to join the game.
To do that we gotta get them into blitz and then GB and keep them there.

The problem is:
1. It is also really not fun to be a BB1 or BB2 in a GB, given how the vast majority in BB in use atm are BB4 +.
2. We also know that people lack patience (duck boats etc)

I think we can overcome alot of these problems by simply altering a little bit how the GB rooms are set up.

The BB were set up to be balanced against each other tier for tier.
We know that in a GB, BB4 + role is line ship and BB 1-3 is defense or ninja attacks. But many people struggle with this.

So given we have a small new player base, who dont want to get eaten when they are junior. Why not apply the following:
1.Keep blitzs as level 1-60 as it is and with no BB/CV - this is the beginners safe space
-SO blitz has the level restriction on BO/crew and no BB/CV
2.Then have GB rooms defined by BB/CV tier tht is allowed in them:
GB1 (BB/CV/EBB/ECV tier 1-1.5)
GB2 (BB/CV/EBB/ECV tier 2-2.5)
GB3 (BB/CV/EBB/ECV tier 3-3.5)
GB4 (BB/CV/EBB/ECV tier 4-4.5)
GB5 (BB/CV/EBB/ECV tier 5-5.5)
GB6 (BB/CV/EBB/ECV tier 6-6.5)
GB7 (BB/CV/EBB/ECV tier 7)

Then World at war can simply be the traditional GB as we know it today. Level 1-125 (BB/CV 1-6.5)

I feel this will allow the new players to fight against peers on an equal footing. Once people are comfortable with their skills they can join world at war (todays GB1).

The final thing - the small player base:

-TO encourage people to play and to allow people to play more games with such a small base we should restrict the number of BB/CV per battle room. This will mean many more rooms open at once, allowing people to get more games in. By restricting the number of BB/CV per room we also force players to use what ships they have better = increase their skill.

I was thinking 12BB,6CV,6SS. Unlimited FF,DD,CL,CA.

I was also thinkig if we restrict smoke to only FF,DD,CL,CA can use then it will force support ships to use smoke for BB/SS/CV. Allowing more team work. It will allows BB driver to focus on using their scouts well and using their AA batteries.

I know people are addicted to and love 20 BB games. But we would still have that in world of war rooms.

The real benifit is in having more rooms open, more battles going, with fewer ships all on the same tier. To give everyone a good chance of winning without getting eaten in current GB by BB6.5 when you are BB2.

Once players skills have developed they can move into world at war rooms (current GB1 rooms)

I think this could really work