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  • KM Eugen 1942/Scharn 1942

    03. 23. 2021 01:20


PS! This is the first impression and visions of me as a ordinary player not one of the ultra professionals!!!

Prinz Eugen 1942 - lvl 80, 25000 hitpoints, displacement 42500.
BB FCS and BB engine 2 heavy (my setup)
7 support slots and 5 crew slots on the ship.
Guns: 14,96" duals on 4 gun turrets with a range of 2913. (Can fit other fun setups)
Little bit slower reload on the designated guns than other 14,96"-ers but the massive range is compensated by that. (Hits like a girl as usual). 30 degree guns like most lower level KM guns.
Armor: Regular 0,2 belt and some 50 bulge.
Speed: With my BB5 crew I get 44 knots OH with previously mentioned armor and 45 knots OH without armor (probably better crews can do 45 with armor)
Scout: 3x lvl70 aircraft (quite few plane room)
AA: not reccommended because not many T slots per side.

Overall: Really fun ship due to people not thinking it is a BB with a great range and no regular BB can be faster than you with 44 knots speed. Looks cool in the battle.

Scharnhorst 1942 - lvl 85, 26000 hitpoints, displacement 53500.
BB FCS 2 and BB Engine 3 heavy (my setup)
7 support slots and 5 crew slots on the ship as with Eugen.
Guns: 14,96" triples on 3 gun turrets with a range of 2922. (Can fit other setups like H39 dual guns)
Same slower reload but increased range than other 14,96" guns. No notable damage increase from Eugen, but accuracy improved due to better FCS. Same 30 degrees.
Armor: Regular 0,2 belt and 70 bulge.
Speed: Same crew as with the Eugen I got 42 knots OH with armor and the same without armor. Probably cap for this ship.
Scout: 5x lvl70 aircraft (better scout room than Eugen)
AA: 4 slots per side, can be used with AA guns but I personally used reps in those spots.

Overall: Great ship, because it is still a Scharnhorst and people might mistake this for smaller level one and not targeted first. Looks little bit wierder than other variants of this ship but the biggest let-down was the fact I have Prinz Eugen too and the 2 knots difference makes the world for me - but if You like the design then go for it. Have made 150k games with both.

If someone will add some pics from the official release then It would be cool + other opinions!