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  • The Funny/Cool GIF gallery

    08. 30. 2011 17:53


Hi guys. I know there was one of these on the old forum, and it was great,
so I thought why not have one on the new site which can get updated?
Now, since the picture thing doesn't seem to have been fixed yet, I'll post some here,
and you guys post just the links, the best of which I can copy paste into my first post.
I'd prefer we work just with animated (moving) GIFs for now. They can be funny, cool, or amazing, but preferably funny.
Nothing that will be bannable is tolerated here, as I am in compliance with TNF, so please don't post wierd stuff which
will get someone in trouble.

I'll start with just a few, and put this in my bookmarks so I can update it. I had a thread like this with lots in it on my
fleet's site, but that is inexplicably down now so I have to wait for it to come back before I can copy pasta THOSE here.

[IMG][/IMG] A C-130 deploying epic amounts of flares at once. This reminds me of the Emdens and Moltkes with their really fast AA spam in GB2s lol

[IMG][/IMG] Well THAT was unexpected wasn't it. XD

[IMG][/IMG] Same as above.

[IMG][/IMG] lol pwn't

[IMG][/IMG] Cardboard box transformer

[IMG][/IMG] This one made me say, W.T.F.!?

[IMG][/IMG] Lol Azumanga Daioh. The series on its own was funny enough,
but combined with people on the web making it funnier it becomes uber funny. You should see some of the other memes from this anime.

[IMG][/IMG] A +12 reload gunner at the range.

[IMG][/IMG] This happened to me, the first time I fired our Arisaka.

[IMG][/IMG] A classic.

[IMG][/IMG] Well here is an interesting take: Predator and Duck Hunt. That dog still p*sses me off whenever I play that game.

[IMG][/IMG] Hot brass is hot, apparently.

[IMG][/IMG] This deserves to be in a movie.

[IMG][/IMG] He thinks he's the future of motorised cavalry. I think he's foolish. Good for laughs, though.

[IMG][/IMG] I'm 99% sure this guy is actually FPSRussia.

[IMG][/IMG] *insert obligatory "lol owned" comment here*

[IMG][/IMG] What REALLY happens during those 15 seconds between shots in GBs.

[IMG][/IMG] Showing his extreme preparedness for the Zombie Apocalypse. o_o;

[IMG][/IMG] Meme


[IMG][/IMG] Don't mess with Mr.T!

[IMG][/IMG] If you don't know this joke then you fail the internet forever.

[IMG][/IMG] Crasher squirrel

[IMG][/IMG] I sence a dislocated shoulder coming on...

[IMG][/IMG] Actual footage of what happened to NF when Hackshield was added.



[IMG][/IMG] HAX! lol

[IMG][/IMG] Gotta love Photoshop and all the useless things you can do with it.

[IMG][/IMG] Fish Hadouken? So does this make it a Haddock-en!?

[IMG][/IMG] I always suspected this was happening.
Don't play your DS while driving! And don't drive while playing your DS! rofl

[IMG][/IMG] Bomberman is a troll?

[IMG][/IMG] Too easy =P

[IMG][/IMG] Lol portals

[IMG][/IMG] Press and hold the V key to reverse.

[IMG][/IMG] Thought I already posted this but I can't find it so oh well

[IMG][/IMG] Another unexpected occurrance.

[IMG][/IMG] In Soviet Russia, Howitzer fires you.

Okay that's it for now, I'm having some trouble getting it to work so I'll try again on this tomorrow if I can. It's late now.

NEW UPDATE, EDIT: Re-testing the fail-code:
 Ending from the film "Dr.Strangelove" (yes, I know it's already my avatar, but that could change eventually, and I think it's super lulzy anyway.)
Neo-Nuke from Evangelion Rebuild 1.0


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    08. 30. 2011 17:53

EDIT OK apparently it doesn't work right now...I'll have to give it a little more time and work...

  • Re : The Funny/Cool GIF gallery

    08. 30. 2011 19:48

yeh its called new forum ftw.

  • Re : The Funny/Cool GIF gallery

    08. 30. 2011 21:59

You are trying to show a website, not an gif animation.

Showing a gif animation is another story.

  • Re : The Funny/Cool GIF gallery

    08. 31. 2011 09:44

Originally Posted by richardphat

You are trying to show a website, not an gif animation.

Showing a gif animation is another story.

Actually these are the >>forum embed links<< for the GIF animations, so I'm really not sure what's going on. lol

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    08. 31. 2011 21:01

If it's an image, especially gif.
It should have .gif as extension.

The embbeded code are script that work on blog or unrestricted HTML coding. (in old NF forum you are very limited to)

The other one, is just a short link that redirect you to their main website with the content.

If you want to display, right click on the image for properties and get the entire source.
Like this

[IMG] [/IMG]
Don't know if you can still write the whole code on the text, or you have to go through the IMG flash function.
Since, you have must have the picture attached in your text mode before it is able to show to everyone.

Mine doesn't work since special function is only allowed in the first post.

  • Re : The Funny/Cool GIF gallery

    09. 16. 2011 13:48

Okay guys, I figured out the code. Thank you Richard and everyone else for your help. :) There are 3 sample GIFs in the edit at the end of the >> first post. <<
I'm lazy so I'm going to have to do the rest later. >w<
The other thing is, there's so many GIFs I have to do, I'm worried that perhaps they might make this page load super slow. o.o
So I'm gonna have to ask the mods about spoiler/hide codes. (If you know what that is. I'd rather not explain it right now if you don't. I'm very busy... ._.)