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  • AAW. Whats the deal?

    09. 03. 2011 14:07

Alright, I have been playing this game for a few years now (on and off only like 1k games total or something) and aaw has always been a subject of discussion to some degree. I have been waiting on something to happen with it for a while.... but before I get ahead of my self. What happens when the aaw skill is enabled? I ask this because I have always been put under the impression that it is bad but I don't know how its bad.

Second. If aaw is overpowered when it is enabled than it should be nerfed until it is not over powered and then enabled.

Or. keep it disabled and remove that skill from sailors and give USN some other skill that gets a boost for USN bonus (which should be done until aaw is fixed anyway).

As it stands. USN gets +2 to fighters and nothing else... nothing. AAW is useless so it doesn't counts. I would suggest moving the +2 from aaw to reload or accuracy because they both cap late game anyway and would only provide an advantage early/mid game so it wouldn't be real game changing.

But I would prefer that aaw skill be fixed, because I like the idea of aaw and I think that having low aaw skill should be detrimental and having high aaw skill should be benificial. It would add another facet to the game and give a use for these machine gunners and aa gunners that are all but useless atm for most nations.

But first I would like to know, what happens when aaw is turned on?


  • Re : AAW. Whats the deal?

    09. 03. 2011 21:04

It might make a number of people rage since their may have passed up on +11/+12 AAW as a secondary stat on some of their carefully rolled sailors. Will not change their gameplay but the ability to have a crew that can machine gun a sq of planes overhead would be a missed opportunity.

Lvl 120 pilots will still be AAW immune so possibly no effect, that is until immunity is turned off or at least nerfed.

Most USN ships still currently hold the highest AAW of their tier such as sodak and baltimore, which still works however not once enemy planes hit immunity.

US do lack +2 in some areas but they make it up later during other classings, for example, USN gets an additional +1 during spec forces classing over KM (next rival in fighters).

US also gets a +1 potential in landing and airlift over all other nations which makes their marines strictly better while of course other things still must be taken into consideration when choosing APA such as engineers and AA. Just an example of how national +2 means nothing where ship abilities and component abilities are factored in.

  • Re : AAW. Whats the deal?

    09. 04. 2011 09:41

It could make people rage, that is true. But that isn't a reason to not fix something that is broken.

hell, I wouldn't be that worried about it really if there was no such thing as immune bombers. That is just stupid.

At the same time, I wouldn't want aaw so powerful that it could shoot down planes that were at default height either.

  • Re : AAW. Whats the deal?

    09. 04. 2011 09:53

AAW stat does not work the only thing that makes AAW is the ship....

Also If AAW was turned on you would see ships no longer be AAW Immune & they were never meant to be immune to begin with... If i remember correctly anything under alt 30 could be shot down with Ease if AAW was turned on...

If they turned on AAW i would be happy but they should also buff all Planes defense by 25%

  • Re : AAW. Whats the deal?

    09. 04. 2011 12:34

At the moment, it isn't game breaking the way it is. There are more pressing matters (Subs/Aircraft etc etc).

However, in the future, I would love AAW to be integrated in the game properly.

  • Re : AAW. Whats the deal?

    09. 05. 2011 08:07

Fixing AAW and the Acc. And Rld Growths would be a perfect fix for USN AA gunners... And make US's other +2 stat actually worth it....

  • Re : AAW. Whats the deal?

    09. 05. 2011 08:17

Some pretty solid reasons here.

It'd be nice to have it working, but it isn't a huge deal to have it the way it is right now.

Once higher priorities are dealt with, we'd all like to see this addressed, but not before then.

  • Re : AAW. Whats the deal?

    09. 05. 2011 14:38

If it was possible I would get it fixed at the same time as the aircraft balance.

If fighters flying below 30alt were no longer AA immune it would change the way FW CV were played in a very positive way.

But if you look at the balance / test area of the forum very little forward progress is being made so I think time will run out like water through the fingers.