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  • Us Gunner Question

    09. 05. 2011 05:40


for US reload gunner , is it better to class them as reload gunner all the way or should i change it to accuracy gunner at some point?

* Elite Reload Gunner


  • Re : Us Gunner Question

    09. 05. 2011 07:17


but there Elite reload i should take acc acc rld (or something like that, im not sure)

  • Re : Us Gunner Question

    09. 05. 2011 08:26

I don't quite understand what you're asking, are they "elite reload" sailors, or are they classed as Reload Gunner, or both?

In general, USN gunner classing goes like this:

If you want them for AA using D-type guns instead of A-type guns, you should class them as reload the whole way, because accuracy isn't important.

If you want them for actual ship vs. ship gunnery, you will want to switch between acc/rld as you class them up, so that both of those stats cap sooner rather than later. The exact order depends on their base stats and your preferences for accuracy vs. reload at different level ranges (certain class sequences give a small advantage at different tiers of BB, but by BB5 or 6 they're all equivalent).

  • Re : Us Gunner Question

    09. 06. 2011 03:29

There is many ways to class sailors for use as AA gunners for USN.

Best 2 are out of 10 ways is (Yes I included the broken AA gunners in this count):

Rld Acc Rld or Rld Rld Rld

Since you have an elite reload, go for the first one.

Between lvl 40 and 60 take advantage of the high expert gain and convert as many experts to vets as possible.