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  • Pennysivlania or Tennessee?

    09. 05. 2011 15:46

What is the main difference between the 2?


  • Re : Pennysivlania or Tennessee?

    09. 05. 2011 21:15

The BB1 versions (penn30, tenn41) nothing much.

The BB2 however, (penn43, tenn45) have different guns and playstyle.

Tenn is the 16" user, with less ammo than colo, but slightly better gun arc. I personnaly think its overall a lesser colo, but some people like it better.

Penn uses the 3x14" mk7 L that are better suited to rushing than linefighting. Also is the easiest BB to speedcap after Guam and alaska (later doesnt even need engies to speedcap)

I personnaly go colorado on the Guam line for a 16" user BB2, and penn43 for a 14" BB2.

I quite like the playstyle penn offers, however it has a bit of trouble against the slightest bit of armor.

  • Re : Pennysivlania or Tennessee?

    09. 06. 2011 03:41

I personally have all 4 US BB lines with their remods, of the 4, the Penny remod and Colorado are my favorite of the 2 main lines.

Only problem with the Tennessee however is I tend to get into 150k-200k range and run out of ammo with the 16" XD

Its really a personal thing really at that point. The 16" duals are really ment for the Sodak line (Since the Sodak guns share nearly identical angles) But either way on the norcal line you have to learn to go from the lower angle guns to the 45 degree guns. Either way there is a pretty big gap between 40 and 45.... So I suggest you go penny, it'll be the easiest as mentioned to speed cap so you'll have right on your way speed wise. You can learn how to maneuver your US ships with the penny. Vital for playing the Norcal in a line fight.