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  • Absolutly Livid !!!!!!!!!

    09. 08. 2011 06:16

I just cant believe how unprofessional SDE are ....... The last few patches have been a sham !!  I thought that this
 update they would have solved  SPR file issue & other launcher / data issues !!! 
I have been trying for days to get back into the game .. stuck in an endless battle against the corrupted & totaly
useless game client downloads & patches. I ve tried the solutions in the Tech section with no positive results.
I am only perservering because I have money invested in the game .. but if I were a new gamer looking for a game
 to try I would have given up on this long ago ... YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS ... Just cant belive they havent
 fixed the issues befor trying to move on ... If you are unable to download a working game client from the official site
that is the lowest form of IT professionalism. SDE 0 out of 10 an E-   Totaly unacceptable 
      GET IT FIXED  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Re : Absolutly Livid !!!!!!!!!

    09. 08. 2011 07:35

Locked for ranting.

If you have issues with the game and the information in Technical Support is not helping your case, please send a Support Ticket so that your situation can be looked at.

There are people having trouble, but it's not all people, so it's hard to find a solution that fits everyone. That is why Support Tickets are better.