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  • Need some help

    09. 12. 2011 13:51


Hey guys tnx for checking this out

Im a fairly new player and i got my 1st CV not too long ago

I found out how to use torp bombers but i cant find out how to divebomb
Everyone i ask tells me a different thing.. Ive heard u gotta press ; and someone else told me that i gotta press s or ss
and a whole bunch of things.. They also ask me if i use auto or manual and i have no idea what they mean or how to
check.. But if i had to choose i guess auto sounds easier? Can someone please gimme a hand?

Thank you.

-The Reich Ship "KM Cv Engel" 's Captain Generalpsyco


  • Re : Need some help

    09. 12. 2011 14:12

when you are in game press F10 and it will tell you what your keys are set too.

  • Re : Need some help

    09. 12. 2011 14:19

Ok, it says ; But ive tried pressing that many times and the bombers dont release the bombs

Heres exactly what i do- I line up my Dbombers behind the enemy ship (I heard thats the best angle of engagement) i target the ship with right and left clicks untill theres red (Sometimes yellow but im not sure what it means) and then when the bombers and diving (Usualy on top of the ship) i tap ; rather quickly but what happens is..
1) My Dive bomber crew/plane turns into a kamikaze kinetic missle/bullet (Which usualy deals 90 damage.. lol)
2)They get shot down
3) They dont release the bomb and survive only to fail again or turn into #1 or #2

  • Re : Need some help

    09. 12. 2011 14:22

- Select bomber squadron
- Right click enemy ship to give attack order (red arrows mean bomber target, they flash orange right when you give the order to show the order was given)
- With bomber squadron selected, right click on enemy ship WHILE bombers are diving to order them to release bombs. You will have to right click multiple times if your squadron is big enough or spread out enough that they're not all diving at the exact same moment.

Manual bombing is a different story, and I have no idea how that works.

Try out the "test mission" against the pirate BBs (they don't hit hard, they move slow, and they have low ammo) if you need practice.

  • Re : Need some help

    09. 12. 2011 14:24

Ok ill give it a try, Thank you sir

  • Re : Need some help

    09. 12. 2011 14:24

I use my mouse.
Highligt target as you have been, then when bombers start to dive right click.

  • Re : Need some help

    09. 12. 2011 14:43

there are 2 typing to bombing, the manual and auto,

in auto

just right click the target ship, and once it started to dive, spam right click (i spam cause my nf get delays =.=)

in manual

you'll target the ship by pressing ( ; ) you will notice a small green thingy marker XD, and press ( . ) to drop the bomb, you could use ( ; ) to group your dbs together also

  • Re : Need some help

    09. 12. 2011 15:50

Spam right click and cry when you miss since auto ai is terrible