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  • Repost of Surrey vs York

    09. 12. 2011 21:02

I was reading this in the old data and thought it was a good post about the ship setups:

There are a couple factors here, considering the two ships' ideal setups are towards
different aims.

The York is your quintessential block-shotting god (if you have good enough gunners -
either BVE'd Acc Gunners in their late 50's or BVE'd Reload Gunners in the mid-70's). If
you have a blockshot, then you can completely wipe the map of blitz ships. In GB2's if
you rush well you can land 20 to 30k games pretty easily, and in general the York is just
great fun to play. I'll give you two setups:

Ideal (The one regarded as "correct" by the NF community):
Three Trip 8"L turrets with LHE, a scout, and empty T-slots.

My setup:
Two Trip 8"L turrets (front only), 6 Pompoms on the T-slots, and a scout.

The Surrey is a completely different beast. If you've played the County before, then just
think of it as a slower County. If you haven't played County before, there are two real
setups - close range 6" kills and long range 8" HA. The setups are as follows:

Four Trip 6"L turrets with your choice of ammo (HHE is fine for blitz), empty T-slots, and
as much Belt as you can load on. Your goal with this set-up is to close range ASAP to
where your enemy's shots hit your belt, but aren't close enough to bust right through. 
From this range, slam them with 6" shells until they die. Rinse and Repeat.

Four Dual 8"L turrets with LHE, empty T-slots, and a scout. This setup is very
challenging, and requires you to stay at range, shooting your guns at 55-70 degrees. Your
hangtime is tremendous and your spread will suck no matter what you do, but each shell
that does hit will hit like a truck. Always go after a CA or larger with this, because
the smaller ships won't be hit often enough to make this effective against them. Whatever
you do, do not close range - your 8" duals do not do well in low-angle shooting.

Anyways - I hope that helps.

~ Ferrard


  • Re : Repost of Surrey vs York

    06. 22. 2013 15:06


thank you. been wondering about comparing and gun arrangment. but i think i stick with my york. kinda digging it

  • Re : Repost of Surrey vs York

    06. 23. 2013 06:37


Surrey with RP10's, AA with a bind or 2 of LHE, possibly with PHH on the t-slots.

  • Re : Repost of Surrey vs York

    06. 27. 2013 15:32


Sadly Surrey has too less armor compared to County.

And you know what, in a 1v1 game, County has better winning chance than York.

In Blitz, late-class your UK gunners, put 150-ish vets, and stick to 8*3N (for York) and 8*2N (for County/Surrey). You'll find your own "WOW" moments.