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  • US main gunners for bb

    09. 13. 2011 00:38

I was wondering if if I should class us main gunners as:
or other combinations

when I checked the forums, I saw someone saying that rld/rld/rld will hit the acc cap before the rld cap 

If possible, could you tell me the difference in performance between the different combinations; like which combination will excel in bb what?
I'm trying to find a combination that can cap both acc n rld by the time i reach sodok or iowa, without overvetting
thank you 


  • Re : US main gunners for bb

    09. 13. 2011 03:55

For 11/11 acc/rld/acc is the way to go.

  • Re : US main gunners for bb

    09. 13. 2011 04:10

The correct answer is: how you class them only influences when accuracy and reload hit the ability cap. No matter how you class you'll hit both caps eventually. If you want better spread earlier take acc twice. But that will cause you to hit the reload cap a good deal later. I would take reload twice, becaue accuracy cap is easier to hit anyway.

  • Re : US main gunners for bb

    09. 13. 2011 09:41

all the information is in this thread.

  • Re : US main gunners for bb

    09. 13. 2011 13:35

Anything but rld rld rld works excellent for US Main Gunners. Be forwared however too much accuracy classing and you'll rld slowly at high level and too much rld classing and you'll have shotgun spread till the 100s

Choose your playstyle wisely. I suggest going on the test server and trying lvl 70 sailors on a colorado with different classings and see which you like better and follow that classing.

  • Re : US main gunners for bb

    09. 13. 2011 16:31

go acc first if you plan on playing blitz - it'll make things easier
go rld first if you're experience in gb and plan on AAing with those gunners
if you plan on leveling them thru ships from other nations, it wont matter much.

for the second classing, just pick the different route from your first.

pick the 3rd classing yourself based on how you feel your gunners are performing.

and yeah, i wouldnt go rld rld rld if you plan on playing all the bbs at level

  • Re : US main gunners for bb

    09. 14. 2011 12:06

if you play for free or just don't plan to overvet/boost these sailors I would strongly recommend going Acc first so you have useable spread as CA in Blitz and as BB1/2/3. I think that's worth delaying your reload capping unless you are a ninja grinder and dont plan to spend any time in low lvl BBs at level.

  • Re : US main gunners for bb

    09. 16. 2011 11:06

thank you all for ur replies and comments