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  • vet cap?

    06. 24. 2011 23:03

I noticed that some of my crews hit their vet caps upon using vet conversion packs which I got from the event!!!

I am new with this vet cap thing... and I would like to ask how can I make my other crews go beyond thier cap..

Additionally, can I still use vet converstion packs for those who got their vet at max?

My crews that hit their caps are still on thier lvl70s and still got way way to go...

Thanks for answering


  • Re : vet cap?

    06. 24. 2011 23:14

Cap is cap. You cannot exceed the cap.

Cap is 40% of total crew. You cannot apply purchased/acquired vets beyond 99. Once you're at triple digits, conversion is the only way.

If your crew truly has hit vet caps in the 70's, sell that crew for a few hundred million.

  • Re : vet cap?

    06. 24. 2011 23:27

Thanks Rehor

but I just like to clarify.. I got 2 KM engrs lvl 60 and when I tried to use my acquired vet conversion pack. I noticed that
my engrs have a note that they already reach a vet cap (they got 106 and 107 vets only) with atleast less than 100 experts each.

3 questions

1. I will need to burn my experts to increase thier vets? and cannot use the vet pack anymore?
2. Would each of them can cost upto 100m if I sell them?

Thanks again

  • Re : vet cap?

    06. 24. 2011 23:27

you can use the vet packs untill l100 vets, after that you have to burn experts to get more vets past 100

vet cap is actually 40% of total crew

  • Re : vet cap?

    06. 25. 2011 00:20

The maximum number of Vets you can have on a sailor is 109 using Vet packs. You have to put 99 Vets on it then use a 10 pack. After that, you're stuck burning Experts to try to get more.

  • Re : vet cap?

    06. 25. 2011 00:42

Thanks everyone...

so basically what I need are expert packs...

Case closed

  • Re : vet cap?

    06. 25. 2011 00:56

Just so you know a crew with 109 vets and full experts is normally good enough and will ability cap at high levels.