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  • AA gunners

    09. 24. 2011 07:53

So I have a pair of base 12 reload gunners that I use for AAing with the SD-2s. They're 9/12 and 10/12, specifically. I don't intend to boost them at all--I only have so much cash for NF and I have engineers and pilots who could make more out of boosts than these guys.

Anyways I just got these gunners to level 65 and now I'm wondering whether there's a point in classing them to huge gunners--sure, they'll cap accuracy and reload faster,  but they aren't my main gunners and in the long run I might come to regret classing them up because that's a little less weight I'll be able to use for aircraft, bulge, etc. I will probably use them more on my CV than on battleships, once I'm finished leveling crew on cruisers, and I might like to try throwing them on a sub later on (I only have SS2 right now for SN).

What do you guys think?


  • Re : AA gunners

    09. 27. 2011 07:22

Well, I decided to class them up anyways. It'll probably just be a novelty to gun on the SS, so I can afford to lose a support to fit fat gunners if it comes to it, and the trouble of delay-classing enough but not too much isn't worth being able to put a bit more bulge into the CV if it's not also important for the SS.

  • Re : AA gunners

    09. 28. 2011 00:31

SN AA gunners are classed like main gunners, on time.
There is no point in delaying classing to save weight, when you can always trim them to reload cap, thus making them lighter.
Trimming = removing of rookies/experts, but still keeping them at caps, in your case - reload cap.

  • Re : AA gunners

    09. 28. 2011 08:43

Yeah, but the math shows that higher crew growth means you save less weight by trimming. If you delay a gunner and then trim later, even despite the lower stat growths, he's going to be lighter than a gunner classed on time and then trimmed.

It's a matter of how much lighter will they be, and how many more levels do they take to cap. In the end, I decided the small weight difference wasn't worth making them take longer to cap. If they were exclusively for my sub, I would probably have delayed them.

  • Re : AA gunners

    10. 04. 2011 14:44

The weight difference between 2 gunners trimmed and non-trimmed is so minor I wouldn't bother with it.