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  • Andrei Pervozvanny-worse than poor

    09. 25. 2011 21:23

I am not a highly skilled player but, I don't think this is all me....

What an incredibly disfunctional ship. 

I ground thru those other miserable ships hoping that there was some relief on the horizon-well it sure is not this ship. 

I have configured  per the Angus Guide (Thanks for all that work !) but I don't think i can play another game with this...

I feel badly having this count as a BB in GB 2.  I bet I couldn't sink a DD...I sure couldn't catch one....

So, I guess I will need a Seva to get to IM or I just go crazy it seems....

So far, a really miserable line...  MN much more fun-anything is more fun....


  • Re : Andrei Pervozvanny-worse than poor

    09. 26. 2011 08:10

Simply use Maxim Gorki until BB2 ;)

AP could be fun, but you need better crew... great gunners and many engys.
Use the new lvl63 3x12"/52 pattern 1904 if you can.

  • Re : Andrei Pervozvanny-worse than poor

    09. 26. 2011 10:11

The ship was never properly balanced. In fact, SN nation isn't a finish product (in term of balancing) that was released
partially cooked.

  • Re : Andrei Pervozvanny-worse than poor

    09. 26. 2011 14:59


Originally Posted by Plate
those other miserable ships

Svetlana, Krasny Kavkaz, Kirov, Gorki... these are all pretty nice cruisers. If you didn't like those, you'll hate anything that's actually bad, i.e. the Pervozvanny.

If you can afford a premium ship, the Petropavlovsk and Sevastopol are quite nice, too. I love my Petropavlovsk.

  • Re : Andrei Pervozvanny-worse than poor

    09. 26. 2011 15:55

The AP is a pain to balance, mostly because of it's gun placements and small hitbox.

I gave it a set of trip 12"s, which should help; though not by much as their accuracy is poor. Buffing the accuracy on these guns would upset the balance of the BB2s, as you'll have a semi-blockshotting BB2 if they use these guns.

There's a way to work it out with displacement values, but that'll require some work, and I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to do that with the BB5 project going on.

  • Re : Andrei Pervozvanny-worse than poor

    09. 26. 2011 20:43

I thought the Pervo was freaking awesome.

Way better than that POS Izmail that follows. I measure its spread in Hoods. Multiple Hoods.

  • Re : Andrei Pervozvanny-worse than poor

    09. 26. 2011 20:55

Rehor, check the spread on the Izmail, it got buffed in the last patch. If it's still that terrible with...120 gunners? Could you give me a screenshot and I'll see what I can do?

  • Re : Andrei Pervozvanny-worse than poor

    09. 27. 2011 11:01

Thanks for your replies. I appreciate your comments and insights....

I am just not sure what I am going to do. BO is 58. My Gunners are lvl 62 and BVE. I originally started this crew with some premium sailors when SN was introduced-quit playing the line for a long time-thought I would try again with the recent changes but I am disappointed...

This is a very casual activity for me-I sometimes don't play for days or sometimes even weeks. The plethora of changes in the ship lines and and seemingly constant tweeking is search of "balance" is pretty interesting but not extremely helpful for me. It seems I just don't have time to keep up with all the changes....

I really hate to buy another premium ship. If it is good, then someone will whine that it is overpowered because it can sink higher level ships and it will be nerfed making it worth much less and especially less fun. Can you say Mandel ??

I may just start a new line.....

  • Re : Andrei Pervozvanny-worse than poor

    09. 27. 2011 21:18

My Izmail spread with 111 gunners was atrocious. My gunners are 118 now, so I'll let you know in a couple days if I remember.

  • Re : Andrei Pervozvanny-worse than poor

    10. 10. 2011 14:45

I found that the Petro and the Seva are worth the money I spent on them, I did use the Petro primarily as an AA platform or to take out anything that dare to venture toward the BB line, I'd normally try to sneak up the outside edges of the maps to get around the BB's but its slow, so if you do commit to running the gauntlet it helps to have BB's slinging on the backside, cause you will cause the defending BB's to draw attention to you cause the Petro hits pretty Hard... if you don't have the money I spent a good bit of time in the Svetlana and the Krazny...I didn't like the 2 gun setups... Horrible


  • Re : Andrei Pervozvanny-worse than poor

    11. 02. 2011 07:22

well for me i have found a way to enjoy my grind to gangut using my AP...I've use it as an AA ship with the me big xp even without premium.