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  • Tier 5 fighters

    09. 29. 2011 06:16

Recommend : 5

I was wonder if there can be tier 5 fighters in game but for this to work current tier 4 fighters need to be nerfed down so they would be between current tier 4 fighters and tier 3 fighters in performance. Tier 5 fighters would have the perfomance of current tier 4 fighters.
Note tier 5 fighters would be used only on tier 6 carriers
Here is the roster of the orignal 4 nations if tier 5 fighters are implemented. Some fighters such as the Mustang would be replaced, while others such as the Wildcat would be upgraded a tier
I can only find solid research on the planes of the 4 orignal nations
Tier 1: F2A Buffalo
Tier 2: F4F Wildcat
Tier 3: F6F Hellcat
Tier 4: F4U Corsair
Tier 5: F8F-1 Bearcat (replaces the Mustang)

Tier 1: Sea Gladiator
Tier 2: Sea Hurricane
Tier 3: Sea Fire
Tier 4: Seafang
Tier 5: Sea Fury (Actually an imediant post-war fighter but i needed a carrier plane that can compete with the Bearcat)

Tier 1: Ar 197
Tier 2: Bf 109T
Tier 3: BV 155
Tier 4: FW 190A
Tier 5: Ta152C-1

Tier 1: A5M4 Type 96
Tier 2: A6M2 Model 21 Zero
Tier 3: N1K1-J, Model 11
Tier 4: A7M3 Type 11 Sam
Tier 5: Ki-84-Ia Hayate


  • Re : Tier 5 fighters

    09. 29. 2011 10:12

There are enough tiers for fighters. Now what SDE need to do is make t3 dive-bombers, as that's the only type of plane that's restricted to 2 tiers. (note ijn has 3 tiers of tbs)

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    09. 29. 2011 10:46

god i would love the bearcat, seafang and sea fury in the game.

you may want to pop over to the test server section where the idea of T5's only for CV6's is being talked about, and please feel free to copy and paste this :)

as euf has said T3 DB and TB will be looked at too.

i fear that SN/MN and RM(when it arrives) will have mostly land based planes to pick from.


thank you for not using jets and as such i have used my reccy for the day :)

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    09. 29. 2011 11:36

Originally Posted by cambsguy


thank you for not using jets and as such i have used my reccy for the day :)

Damn I wonder who exactly we must blame for overall low expectations in this forum...

As far as the idea go, I don't see the need for them. You already have Locals/T1/T2/T3/T4.

Plenty of planes that allow both higher level CVs and lower level ones to perform, while keeping an edge for the laters.

  • Re : Tier 5 fighters

    09. 29. 2011 12:14

I recommend. I think these plane types are good selections.

I also would suggest intermediate planes (i.e. T1.5, T2.5, T3.5) similar to the upgrades some ships can. This could allow for minor variation in guns, ammor or fuel (new colored sprites), and offer some incentive for a shortened grind to explore different planes with different characteristics. Planes with better guns maybe lose a knot or two, fuel offset, etc. Nothing dramatic, just a little more variety for low-level CVs.

I think SDE should spend more time on the aircraft control panel, the voice responses from the planes and the low fuel problem for bombers. We've also suggested depth charges and temporary sonar buoys for scouts; and fighter/bomber dual role planes, and fighter strafing of enemy shipping, escort and intercept options for bombers, way-point options for navigation; multi-bomb bombers (T3) and to remove the ability of planes to shoot backwards (except bombers w' rear gunners). Lots of opportunities to improve the product.

Note: as with all newer up-level products (BB/SS/CV/Planes/etc), it pushes the lower levels even lower into obsolescence. Careful what you wish for....

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    09. 29. 2011 12:39

Please read the Test Server Discussion.

All Tiers are getting bumped up 1 with locals becoming T1s.

T4 will become T5s
T3s will become T4s
T2s will become T3s
T1s will become T2s
Locals will become T1s

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    09. 29. 2011 20:21

actually locals are likely to be removed. Tier one, two and threes will remain the same. Its tier four are going to be nerfed down so that they would be between tier three and current tier 4 status. Tier 5 will have the performance of current tier 4