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    10. 02. 2011 20:36

anyone know BB4 16*3 range
and BB5 16*3 range and 16*4 range?


  • Re : SN BB4 BB5 RANGE?

    10. 02. 2011 20:37

The BB4 outranges H39 by a small margin with the 16 trips. Blame angus.

  • Re : SN BB4 BB5 RANGE?

    10. 03. 2011 19:47

I'll talk to phat about it.

  • Re : SN BB4 BB5 RANGE?

    10. 04. 2011 09:26

BB5 16x3 is almost same as Alsace's guns (little bit shorter than Monty...?)

BB4 16x3(91lv) is almost same as above one.(means it outranges other BB4s)

I Dont know about BB5 16x4(110lv)

  • Re : SN BB4 BB5 RANGE?

    10. 04. 2011 09:39

I am not going to fix anything for the stalingrad, when the broken ship is the H39.

Why going to USA from Canada by flying through asia, europe then back then to USA. When all you can do is take a planes directly....

  • Re : SN BB4 BB5 RANGE?

    10. 04. 2011 11:40

How is the H39 broken?

  • Re : SN BB4 BB5 RANGE?

    10. 05. 2011 10:29

It was balanced with a buggy spread and buggy range.
H39 did its job acceptable until they decide to give a new BB called so far stalingrad.

And because stalingrad ''was balanced'' with a non buggy range vs buggy spread, it just destroy the H39 balanced.

Don't ask me how it was balanced that way. Because even I am still looking for an answer.

  • Re : SN BB4 BB5 RANGE?

    10. 05. 2011 12:56

Explain what you mean by "buggy" spread. I have several things to say, but will wait til you clarify cause I'm not quite sure what that means.

  • Re : SN BB4 BB5 RANGE?

    10. 05. 2011 16:12

Let's say there are guns that have spread but the range variation due to the spread is less important.
There are guns that spread is a direct factor of the shells land further or closer.
And all SDE fail coding that creates exception for practically every guns.

H39 is an extreme version of the QV, QV range jump quite much already, the spread however is much much much more better than H39 amd doesn't suffer of the damage or spread inconsistency. (compared to H39 of course)

H39 on the other hand has serious inconsistency issue, range, damage and spread but the balance was quite ok until stalingrad arrived.

I draw this pic with the range is compared with yamato just to give an idea what is the issue Now, SDE want to give Stalingrad the 2n best range but with sigiificant range over yamato. Which results an impossible balance without screwing yammy or H39.

The gaussian representation of yammy and H39 range..

It's retarded to read this, but that's how things is currently.

Wilg told me to nerf the stalingrad speed down to 37, but that doesn't solve the issue with the range.

Usually I avoid talking about balance. I just tell you what's going on due to the game mechanic. Though I have my own fix and solution, I'll leave the balance to other people. That way, I am free and will not take any responsibility for screwing shit,.

  • Re : SN BB4 BB5 RANGE?

    10. 05. 2011 16:39

You just cant give a ship with that much firepower that much range, it goes against one of the basic principles in which all tier BBs have been balanced on since NF started. Speed and turning force ultimately will not balance them, as those attributes weigh more in certain situations than others (1v1s). In a large battle such as HA or a BB room speed is not that much a factor until the final stages. And turning force you could argue... but when you have the range advantage, you dont really need to sling as much as say an Iowa or Yamato. (Nebraska is perfect example for BB6).

The range inconsistency of the H39 is due to the spread inconsistency. This issue also happens but to a smaller scale with H44. It can work to its advantage and to its demise. I seriously urge you to reconsider changing the H39 much, BB4s were (before france and russia came along) as close to perfectly balanced as you will ever get in this game.

  • Re : SN BB4 BB5 RANGE?

    10. 05. 2011 16:59

Oh well, I dislike to start talking about balance but ...
Yamato have bb5 damage with that much range. Stalingrad does 50k the shot, which is 3-4 k under a L2/SY with that much range also. Both have good AA slot and have good AA ( people haven't realized how good is SN AA, and start bitching it is crap, when it must be as crap as UK)

While L2,vanny,Iowa,Richelieu, does terribly but terribly less against them in both firepower and range. Yet, yet, Stalingrad and Yammy has WAYY better spread and better armour penetration than those BB4 (except for L1 and richelieu spread).

Like I said, good luck to whoever attempt fixing stalingrad. I am telling this, do whatever to fix it, the only way to fix is to rebalance H39 and stalingrad both ship, not just stalingrad itself. I am done talking.

I am not sticking my hand in it and at the end getting bitch like how Angus did with SN ( sry angus to pull you out)
While I do seriously take responsibility to whatever I really suggest, if people wants to take the airfield, going around the world just to go to your neighbough when you can take 5 minutes of walk. That's their problem and I don't want to be bitch around because they want to pay 10 000$ to go to their neightbour.

Edit: I also dislike to have to rebalance through H39, even if it goes against my will, there is just no possibility.
Unless you turn stalingrad completely into something else.

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