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    10. 04. 2011 03:57


I remember when Russia Nation Was launched i read in the features long range, quick reload and high damage...  few months later we seen that hey were a little bit overpowered in few ships and  many guys were looking for a balance for that nation but now after the patch SN nation its pretty much a waste of time ..
I know that many of them got balanced as the IM,, but ships like the  bb5  are pretty much not what they suposted to be from the start....  they have standar damage nothing OP ,doesnt have speed , take 1 year for turning, reload time suck even with angle 45 ( if u compare it with  Monty and SY), doesnt have range and due to the turning speed u cant slingshot....   idk in what were thinking the guys who work in the balance patch,,,, and from what i heard  they doesnt had enought time to test it well and anyhow they patch it,,,,,
SN bb5 and bb6 are worse than the other nations and in normal condition u cant compite against other people with same skill lvl but different ships because the actual SN balance its worse than before at least in what bb5+ concern 



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    10. 04. 2011 04:50

define normal conditions, cause I saw a P24 get nearly 700k in a an HA already.

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    10. 04. 2011 09:21

Originally Posted by masc24

define normal conditions, cause I saw a P24 get nearly 700k in a an HA already.

Hmm... in my opinion
You can not say that case like it is general becuz
Maybe he could get over 1000k with other BB6(if it is possible....? lol)
skilled players can get good attack points with any ships
Those people are good with any ships!
but less skilled players(including me) are very sensitive about disadvantage of their ships
and want to have fair chance to compete with other nations' ships.

In my opinion, at the moment
SN BBs don't have competitive advantage to defeat other nations' BBs

Unlike KM, They are supposed to have the combination of Long range+high firepower
by losing speed, turning force and getting high angle guns, long hang time.
(I guess KM's trait is longest range of guns and low hang time and low angle, normal speed)
However, people focussed on only Long range+high firepower and terrified that SN BBs would be
too much OP. SO.... they nerfed them...(the only thing I agree is that IM was so overpowered ship and
needed to be balanced....)

anyway... someday SN BBs will be back to normal... I guess.... :)

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    10. 04. 2011 13:34

doesnt matter if u get 1000k attack.. if make it against people blind or against noobs ....
but for example out flamingpanda vs flamingpanda... one in any bb5 and the other in the new soyuz and u will see the difference like both hace same skill but the ship doesnt give u any chance

dude just name the good attributes of the soyus? like km low angles ,long range or Ijn speed ,turning force and aa or usa good damage ,movility

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    10. 04. 2011 14:46

Sovietsky is fine; it's the other BB6s out of balance.

P24 is hanyizhou's "Angus failed"
This was during a HA attack.

The other ships will get fixed when BB5+6s are finished balancing.

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    10. 04. 2011 15:10

Originally Posted by angus725

Sovietsky is fine; it's the other BB6s out of balance.

Not sure if you're talking about BB5's or BB6's here, but as it is now, the Soyuz is not fine.

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    10. 04. 2011 15:18

so what are we talking about, bb5s, bb6s or both?

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    10. 04. 2011 17:10

Bah, meant P24.