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  • Setup suggestions for Gneisie '43 EBB

    10. 04. 2011 11:01

Hit me with it fella's.  Should I set it up like the Bizzie and just roll with it 10 lvls early?


  • Re : Setup suggestions for Gneisie '43 EBB

    10. 04. 2011 11:15

its a boosted BB2, but it really shines with bissy's duals.

If you don't have them, it still makes for a boosted gneis to get to bissy.

  • Re : Setup suggestions for Gneisie '43 EBB

    10. 07. 2011 11:35

sure the 14.96inch duals 2nd set. should be around lvl 81 put 0.2belt and as much bulge on so u dont loose 1knot. It can be freaking fast and gets near L1 range. Try to play on range for everything thats bb3 and lower. against bb4+ rush when they are blind or busy. but then only rush so close u still stay somewhere between 26-30degrees. Watch out for UK and if they are AWed u have to battle them at 30degrees otherwise AP doesnt works or u rush below 20degrees and hope for belt hits. AA is very advisable for the ship too. u get a 4gun broadside of the awesome KM40 AA with enough ammo. And finally as always have fun.

  • Re : Setup suggestions for Gneisie '43 EBB

    11. 29. 2011 20:42

Bissy duals and your choice of AA. Armour to minimum buldge and belt. Run around like a headless chicken and avoid getting shot

  • Re : Setup suggestions for Gneisie '43 EBB

    12. 01. 2011 15:55

runs 51 knots OH fully armed (aa gunners, bissy guns) with my H39 supports now, so its easy to rush ahead of the main bb's on point, sometimes even beyond the enemies scouting because they dont expect a bb that far up/down

i tried running the triple D's from the opII, gives you some nice damage output, but with only 1 bind it becomes a
kamikaze rushing mission pretty fast..

  • Re : Setup suggestions for Gneisie '43 EBB

    12. 05. 2011 06:57

Ohhh, if you're going to run those triple D's you better be a sniper. Might be fun in a tourney though.