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    10. 05. 2011 10:48

I believe this is the right palce to put this topic since its a question regarding my USN gunners.
I currently have a pair of lvl61 reload gunners that are 10/11 (rel/rel) and at 65 will be going acc.
Both are 18acc/26 reload. with 1018acc/1293rel and 1017acc/1293rel. Will these guys hit the acc and
reload caps if I boost em at lvl65 after the last classing. Or should I i go start some new new USN AA gunners? TY

EDIT: Will 11/11 gunners also be able to hit the reload acc cap when going acc/rel/acc or shud i invest in getting elite
gunners. I will be boosting them too (the elites or 11/11). My only concern si will they hit the acc adn reload caps before 120. If they do, do u have an estiamte of when they will hit it. I heard that  elites hit the reload and acc cap when boosted in their 80's. So if I boosted an 11/11  or 10/11 it shud hit  both caps at around 100.


  • Re : Calculation Help

    10. 05. 2011 12:43

Boosted 10/10 gunners hit the acc and reload caps before level 120, so better sailors will have no problems. The only question is WHEN they will cap. With 10/10 gunners, the Iowa guns gave me some problems, but the Monty guns were just as tight as everyone else's after a while.

  • Re : Calculation Help

    10. 05. 2011 14:43

dont get elites. if you're really looking that far ahead at levels 110 to 120, almost all gunners will hit both the acc AND reload cap if they are boosted/vetted...etc.

like stormvanger said, 10/10 gunners will perform just as well as elites later on.
another example would be my 9/12 gunners, classed rld/rld/rld. At lvl98 now, these gunners are definitely usable on the iowa already.

try and BVE your 10/11 gunners if you plan on using them as main gunners on your BBs. Yes, it would be easier to grind thru BB123s if you had classed them once to accuracy earlier, but you'll be fine if you're careful with your driving