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  • USS SS5 beast?

    10. 13. 2011 09:14

just got new sub but cant drive because of the torper lvl, trololollo
but its seems to be great, 6 front, 4 rear and reaches 40knt with only 2 engies, 

want did you think guys? 


  • Re : USS SS5 beast?

    10. 13. 2011 20:37

I know and the IJN sub only has 6 torps too. I think the Gato will be the killer of the SS5 group.

  • Re : USS SS5 beast?

    10. 14. 2011 12:15

Im lvling a US SS crew now.

It seems the other ss lines stop at SS4. Anything after SS4 is a really bad joke.

  • Re : USS SS5 beast?

    10. 14. 2011 12:49

it turns like crap.....all the S5's do. they only advants any of the new subs have is slightly longer dive time and slight torp range increase. Other than that they suck....keep your S4 for SS vs. SS encounters. the S5's are a waste of creds IMO.

  • Re : USS SS5 beast?

    10. 14. 2011 13:43

i have to start a usn ss i think gato is good i was hoping they release last year. ^^ they are no bad ship they are depend on the player toker. u can't tell people what to buy is theyy decision.

  • Re : USS SS5 beast?

    10. 14. 2011 17:14

Turn rate is true though, you have to keep aimed toward your target, go pass and use rear. The turn rate is like 13 compared to like 16 on the SS4 (Numbers are probably off but thats my guess without looking) I don't have my US Torpers atm to test the SS5 in GBs so...

  • Re : USS SS5 beast?

    10. 15. 2011 01:50

SS5 been nerfed, period.

Got 37 knots with exactly same setup as SS4 and it´s the same with other SS5.

Speed, momentum (OH) and turningrate its crucial when you are a subdriver. How do they think ? that ss5 wouldnt meet any other subs in combat ?

Why did SD make it so complicated ?

Why not keep same speed, momentum and just put extra. air, torps, planes etc.

Did they test SS4 aganist SS5 at all ?

Did they have any SS Pro drivers testing or was it just some subhating BB guys running tests ?

Calling me frustrated is a understatement right now.

  • Re : USS SS5 beast?

    10. 15. 2011 05:39

I think the SS5 need a boost in turning

  • Re : USS SS5 beast?

    10. 15. 2011 10:33

why ss5 is nerfed realy?

because u drive ss5 with 1 engie instead of 3, just because u drive ss4 with 1 engie and hit the cap?

and turning force decreased from 20 to 19

the gato got 10 tubes instead of 6 and 1 support slot more, more torpedo range/dmg

i hope u guys dont think ss5 automaticly beats ss4 like bb5->bb4

just think about it

only phh need a nerf on their retarded dmg over the water :D

  • Re : USS SS5 beast?

    10. 15. 2011 11:06

love how you guys expect to hit the speed cap of a much higher level ship with the same crew from a lower level ship.

  • Re : USS SS5 beast?

    10. 15. 2011 12:26

I think the ss5 is perfect and now the other 4 need to be nerfed.

I can 1 shot a ss5, i can not 1 shot a ss4.

you know ive been 1 shot by a ss5, and that is fair. as long as i can 1 shot him back when he is on top of the water.

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