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  • SubMarine 5 [doubt]

    10. 13. 2011 13:12

Hi friends, I got the full crew SS5
Bo 99
3 eng 120
1 rep 120
sonar/planes 102
torp 102

even with 3 lvl 120 engineers 40knt not going to, Is something wrong?


  • Re : SubMarine 5 [doubt]

    10. 14. 2011 09:33

If you have armor on yet, if Not, then try reducing some experts and rookies from engineer. Try leaving 140 vets and some experts in Bo and no rookies, in torpedoman try to over vetting upto 200 vets and leave no experts and no rookies, and see the difference, but do it slowly in each sailor not at the time, to see if that workds, or you can just over vett the engineers as much as you can.

  • Re : SubMarine 5 [doubt]

    10. 14. 2011 10:12

They Nerfed SS5 speed compared to SS4 in every nation except KM (plz correct me if I´m wrong) this is totaly unlogical becasue speed and momentum is crucial for SS ability.

Thats was wrong :(

For me it feel like a step back upgrading to SS5.

  • Re : SubMarine 5 [doubt]

    10. 14. 2011 13:16

even taking the shield and taking recruits and a sailor he will still support the 38knt