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    10. 16. 2011 06:31

what are the benifits of being a member in this game can some1 explain this to me

and what do points do ?


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    10. 16. 2011 07:13

If you mean being a fleet member of a fleet in this game. You could join your fleet mates in a Harbour assault ( attacking a harbour) , fleet wars ( fleet vs fleet ) or fleet leagues. Also, if you have any questions, they would possibly try to help you out.

Points in this game is mainly for getting a BB6 ( which you will need 20 million of points and 50 million of credits)

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    10. 16. 2011 07:18

i mean premium and whats bb6? and is a fleet like a clan?

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    10. 16. 2011 07:24

a BB6, or CV6 depending on what ship line you take, is the end-game ship you can get for a ship line. a BB6 is a gun ship, and a CV6 is a carrier class ship of which you use planes to do your bidding (fighters, bombers, scouts, all of the above, etc.).

Points also allow you to class your sailors into their nation and carrier (gunners, repairers, engineers, etc.), and you will most likely have an issue getting enough points to class your first crew on-time. To help with this, you can roll a second crew (stats don't matter much for this crew) and use them to gain points so that you aren't late in classing your starting crew (yellow crew) as these yellow sailors have good starting stats.

a fleet is a group of players that are able to participate in events such as Harbor Assaults and Fleet Wars that take place on a somewhat regular basis on each server.

if by premium you mean a premium account, it allows you to gain an extra 40% experience, credits, and points at the end of each game as long as you have stayed in the game for at least 5 minutes (actually it's 4 minutes and 30 seconds but the timer says 5 minutes). although it helps you level up faster, it is not necessary...

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    10. 16. 2011 07:26

A fleet is like a clan, yes. You will have the clan logo on beside your name after you join the fleet.

Premium subscription rewards you with 40% increase in experience, credits and points each game, while gold account ( account without premium) only gives you 100% experience.

Premium account also increases the vet rate ( the rate of success of turning experts into veterans)

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    10. 16. 2011 07:30

Also, you can go to

The game guide on there should be able to help you to understand the game more. Remember to check out the game guide as well on the NF forum.