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  • Mogami CA, Myoko set-up, need help !

    10. 30. 2011 07:42


I started playing NF two weeks ago +- . I kept lvling and advancing through the ship tree until i hitted Myoko.
I found out here on the forum that Mogami 1941 CA is a better choise. Since ive already bought myoko
can i still get Mogami CA ? And since i had only 3 supports slots till now. Im missing one sailor.
I now have rep, restore and eng, 2 heavy gunners and 2 heavy torpedos
and the BO. Ive read that im gonna need
4\4 reps, engs later on to a BB. How do you fill these wholes ? The next
stop is Kongo BB which has another slot in supp, thats 5... Another sailor which i dont have.
What to do about supp crew and what type of supp sailor is to good to get on Myoko/Mogami CA? And what to put on
secondary slots on the ship ? Keep the torpedoes ? or get AA guns ? But for that id need two AA gunners, damn.
How to lvl up a new sailors to these new slots ? Because of Exp decay i need the new sailor on a 27+ lvl to get at least
43% of exp on the 47 lvl Myoko. How to procede with lvling another supp sailor and maybe the two AA gunners ?



  • Re : Mogami CA, Myoko set-up, need help !

    10. 30. 2011 08:41

if you have chosen the akitsuki line then yes you can get mogami ca (remodel of mogami cl) and myoko

but if you choose fubuki you'll have no access to mogami ca

as for your support you still need 5 more
2reps/6engies(super vetting :D)

just drop off your restore, it will be useless at high level since you'll reach SD cap anyway

all i can suggest is to create another BO and your additional supports and for aa gunners (roll a good rel base (+12) or if your lucky to have a elite rel drop its good) just class it as arm sailor till it reach rel cap (around yamato level) and class it all the way to chf dp gunner.

and while leveling your aa gunners as arm sailor you just use the D guns, just ask other ijn players for the D guns they use for aaing

for leveling your supports you just rotate it

and drop off your torps you don't need torps on CA and BB

oh forgot, you also need scout (special force -> rookie pilot(lvl 25)) and don't class him any further

  • Re : Mogami CA, Myoko set-up, need help !

    10. 30. 2011 11:31

Well CA has 4 supp slots, BB1 Kongo has 5, BB2,3 has 6 BB4 7 BB5 8 and SBB Amagi has 9, so only the last one has enough place to have 4\4 + rookie pilot, Whats the setup until then ? I mean what supps sailor is good to have with 4,5,6,7,8 slots ? Have them 8 all the time and rotate and rotate and rotate ? Keep one slot for Rookie pilot ? So it would look like this : 4 slots minus one for rookie = 3 for the rotation ? and so on and so forth ? I have only two right now... ill make a new IJN BO with 2 gunners and 2 arms ( future AA) and make 3 engs and 3 reps and 1rookie and rotate those in supps slots ? It gonna take ages to lvl them all to at least 27 so i can lvl them up futher and faster on my CA....

Well i just realize that i played my way through, finally make it to CA and found out i cant play it, that i need to play it again from 1 with additional sailors to proper crew the CA.... ach ach :(

  • Re : Mogami CA, Myoko set-up, need help !

    10. 30. 2011 11:51

Since IJN depends a bit on speed I woul run 4 engineers at all times (they need to be on support slots or they don't work) and the rest Repairers. Oh and one scout on support slot.

Also, it's your choice but AA is not compulsory. You can put repairers on your T slot guns and they will still work, that way you can level 5 supports in CA (6 if no scout) etc.

of course, the only real answer, as has been said, is start aother BO to train more supports (unless you somehow have tons of credits in which case just buy crew of the right lvl in the trade system).

another less tedious way would be to start a crew in another nation you want to try out but maybe not play all the way, get them to CA level, then trade them for IJN supports!

  • Re : Mogami CA, Myoko set-up, need help !

    10. 30. 2011 12:15

Thank you for your help. One more thing, i still need them to get 27 at least, is it wise to just nationalize them on 12 and dont class them as supps to lvl them faster ? but i think i ll cut them short on abillity growth right ?

  • Re : Mogami CA, Myoko set-up, need help !

    10. 30. 2011 13:08

never delay class supports, it's not worth the lost ability growth.

The only sailor you delay is AA, which you class as Arm then leave them like that till lvl ~90, but that's just cos of the screwy way AA classing works (or rather doesnt). Anyway that's another topic and there are guides for that!

  • Re : Mogami CA, Myoko set-up, need help !

    11. 01. 2011 06:11

Thank you guys very much. It has been very helpful. So i made those addional engs and reps and the rookie, i got them to 12 and put them on CL Yubari with my BO and 2 gunners from myoko. Now i have 5 slots for them until 27. Its solved. Thanks again. ill welcome more suggestions, advice or ideas.

  • Re : Mogami CA, Myoko set-up, need help !

    04. 21. 2012 02:25


How come one should not level AA gunners?
And why do they need to be lvl27?
Also is it a bad idea to just level them on the Myoko?

At the moment I still feel the torps are quite usefull, but at some point AA should be the way I assume

  • Re : Mogami CA, Myoko set-up, need help !

    04. 21. 2012 03:21


After a bit of searching I found why I should not lvl the AAs.

So I got the following crew setup now:

1 BO lvl 47 (Fubuki path to Myoko)
2 R Gunners (lvl 47&46)
2 Torpers (lvl 46 & Still need those for the Kita soon)
3 Engine (45, 32, 18)
1 Repair (35)
1 Restore (34)
1 Scout (27)
1 AAW (17)
1 Radio (6)
And a few lvl 1 guys

I carry around a hundred crew each (pls advise whether too much or too little)
Some are experts, no vets

Now I'd rather not have an entire new BO to start with DD again and would rather stick to Myoko and Kita (Kuma-Kai for now)

How to setup the crew for future BB use?

  • Re : Mogami CA, Myoko set-up, need help !

    04. 21. 2012 11:34


You will want 2 DP gunners (preferably late classed at lvl 82 or later) since they give a new breath of life to IJN CA/CLs (great at AA).

Delete or throw the restorer into your HQ.
If AAW meant Machine gunner then do the same with him since AAW does NOT work.
Get 3 more repairers if you want a standard crew.

Try balancing your crew so that noone gets left far behind For starters try to get all your reps/engies to level 50. 

I made the mistake of rushing through ships not thinking too much about the sailors and now i have 7 lvl 110 supports i'm slose to a BB6 but have to somehow get a extra lvl 115  sailor to be able to use a Amagi.

So better think about it early.