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  • Mods with more common sense

    06. 26. 2011 17:28

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There was a thread about ways to earn more credits without playing nooby boring CVs or AAing and a mod ansewers and mod ansewers and locks it and his first 2 suggestions: 1.Shooting down planes with CVs 2. AAing He completely ignored OPs question/idea. I think mods should have to pass  a common sense test due to this


  • Re : Mods with more common sense

    06. 26. 2011 21:36

The OP was being an ignorant fool. What do you expect. He said it was IMPOSSIBLE to get any creds by using AA w/o premium. The mod gave 5 ways to earn credits. The OP was whining, there was no suggestion, and he didn't listen. There's a reason CVs get more credits. It doesn't need to be changed. LOCK PLEASE.

EDIT: And you're also the one making a thread about replacing Hackshield with something that works. Here's some news for you, NOTHING WORKS. VAC is the best there is, but it is VALVe Anti Cheat. VALVe is not SDE, and they can't use it. And you're the one whining about common sense....

Originally Posted by wyatto022298
How are BBs CAs CLs and DDs cheaper than CVs? CVs are cheap lol all they have to do is spam nooby little torp bombers.

Quoted from the locked thread. CVs cost a LOT more. Look it up, Sir Common Sense.

  • Re : Mods with more common sense

    06. 26. 2011 22:17

Please read the forum rules regarding rant threads.

That thread passed from a suggestion to a rant and it was closed as such. He made a suggestion, got answers to it and disregarded them... there is no more help anyone can give in that situation.

Also, if you have issues with a thread that has been closed, please send a support ticket.

Since this thread is only about that and not a general suggestion, it will get locked. If you wish to continue discussing with me about it, feel free to PM me... I will be glad to talk about it with you if you wish.