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    10. 31. 2011 20:08

Bottom line, my account is in bad shape, and i have no idea how to fix it. I have (most of) a US bb crew in a colorado. It was my first crew, and while my bo, gunners, and like 2 reps and an engy are boosted, theyre all about the same level, and the rest are like lv 31. I dont have a lower lvl bo, so im stuck with my low levels getting like 30 xp per game, and i dont have a boat that i can stick them on to level them without leveling my bo. I have sort of the same problem with uk crew and my resolution. While i learned my lesson about training the right amount of supports, theyre all the same level. I do have a lower level uk bo, but if i put my gunners and supports on my smaller boat, i have the same xp problem as i do with my us supports since there is such a big difference between the sailors level and the boat's. Plus, im in a smaller boat, which is no fun in GB games, at least for me. I guess my ultimate question is twofold: How do i fix this mess, and why on earth does this game make leveling sailors such a godawful pain in the rear?


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    11. 01. 2011 00:00


this chart tells you the exp difference when your low level crew on high level ship or high level crew on low level ship or vice versa,

you could level your crew on a premium ship, they can man the bridge, also in ebb also i think\\

to fix your support on us, use atlanta and mount some 3"s or better and equip with aa shells go aa at gb with your low level supports until 50s and get a pensa and man it with your supports and gunners after reaching 60+ or your supports can use the seva, then use it to level your support until it reach the level of your BO.

and don't know what your problem of your UK, but i suggest to stay on your resolution or get a dunkerque and get some good attack in gb 50k+ is good enough with 15k-20k xp and 150k+ attack for better xp and 200k+ for best

... yep true leveling is painful especially you mess up or forgot something that is why you need to ask experts and guides that will help you...

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    11. 03. 2011 01:33

From what you said, I'm going to assume some of your US crew are Yellow, untradeable, sailors.

My advice would be to try to trade/sell some UK supports and get the remaining US sailors you need to fill your US crew. Then you will need to level another set of UK crew, but at least they will all be low level, so much easier to match the level of crew and ship.

Alternatively, US and UK supports are interchangeable so you could theoretically level a mixed crew together. The downside is you have to wait to finish off both crews. With my first suggestion you can at least get a full working BB up and running straight away.

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    11. 03. 2011 07:05

For us id recommend leveling a 2nd bo with your low level crew.. It will make them all get more exp.

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    11. 03. 2011 09:36

DeCLeviathan and uk supports are interchangeable? Is there any ability penalty or anything?

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    11. 03. 2011 22:43

Originally Posted by DeCLeviathan and uk supports are interchangeable? Is there any ability penalty or anything?

I believe only the ability from the vets on the allied sailor is added.
Not 100% sure though.

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    11. 05. 2011 01:18

Leveling supports with the same BO is not a problem, BO being ahead really isn't a problem. The problem as you've already seen is when you always use the highest ship you can drive, you will see diminished xp on the lower sailors. You can go to lower ships with the same BO and level them up, or as most do start another bo, as you get the benefit of another line.