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  • Question for CV

    06. 26. 2011 17:35

Why is it when all the BB have sunk and you are pushed to the border you must pop smoke and start swirving?  You've lost already and its annoying when I'm running low on ammo and have to waste more time trying to get a good shot.  Then there is the other times when a FW CV keeps running from a BB and sending waves of fighters to camp him and kill one scout.  Is the repair cost that absurdly high you don't want to die?  Do you just want to know who is shooting at you? You will know it when it says [shipname]username sunk you.   They whine when I get pissed off and switch to AP ammo.  But hey, its because you're trying to swirve and delay the end.  The exceptions I understand are when a CV is trying to bomb the BB shooting it or is about to bomb the flagship.  And when the CV is being fighter camped so he stalls for time to get more credits from fighter kills.


  • Re : Question for CV

    06. 26. 2011 17:36

You're doing it wrong.

CV effort in this game begins long after your team is screwed.