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  • AA not delayed!!!

    11. 03. 2011 08:17

Advice needed:
So I have a pair of +12 reload AA gunners that are lvl 75.  Unfortunatly they were NOT delay classed.  If I put 100 vets on and don't boost will they ever reach the reload cap.   Or should I start over and class them correctly...aarg...75 is alot of lvls to make up.


  • Re : AA not delayed!!!

    11. 03. 2011 09:59

If you BVE them you should be able to reach the cap. Course every sailor should be BVE to stay competitive.

Just keep raising them.

  • Re : AA not delayed!!!

    11. 04. 2011 03:42

Is accuracy important if i want start lvlin AAs ? I rolled two +12 rld but with poor acc and not so good AAW. Is it still good ? it goes aac:rld:AAW - 8:12:9 and the second one 10:12:8.

  • Re : AA not delayed!!!

    11. 04. 2011 04:21

10 AC, 12 Reload would be preferred. AAW doesn't work so you can ignore.
In the end, reload is more important than accuracy for AA I think. Just don't class beyond armaments until
level 80 or higher if you can wait.

  • Re : AA not delayed!!!

    11. 04. 2011 05:11

100 vets and no boost?

Mousquetmon bodyslam boom21!!!!

  • Re : AA not delayed!!!

    03. 17. 2012 08:34


Accuracy is virtually non-important for AA, unless you plan to also use your AA-gunners for anti-ship purposes.  How hard is it to plant a single, aimed shell on a tiny airplane?  Virtually impossible ... hence, the best AA-ships being those with T-slots arranged in a manner that allows you to throw up veritable 'shotgun' volleys of AA-fire (the AA-equivalent of torpedo walls).