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  • Time For HA's

    06. 26. 2011 23:01

I know this is the North American server. Most people play for 8 am est to 12pm pst...
Just wondering  why we cant get all 4 soon to be 6  harbor  assualt time to  reflect that it is a NORTH AMERICAN SERVER..
  I think it would be nice if the time were something like this

Current times                         Proposed  Times
JP 0400 (4AM)                               8 am
UK 1300 (1PM)                            12  pm
KM 1800 (6PM)                              4 pm
US 2100 (9PM)                              8 pm
NM   NA                                          10 am   sunday                                Note for  un opened harbors...  I think you all should for the time being copy    other maps... new paint job
RN   NA                                            2 pm   sunday
IN     NA                                            6 pm   sunday

even better would be to sart them  at 4  pm pst  and have all  6 harbors  run at the same time  to keep fleet jumper  and ppl with muliple account from playing in more then 1 fleet.


  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 26. 2011 23:12

You forgot SN :P

  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 00:04

UK should remain unchanged - it is the most active of all harbours for a reason.

One should look at the less active harbours and think about a timechange that makes them more interesting for a larger ammount of fleets.

  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 02:35

well i have been told constantlly there is no planes to open the other harbours so whats the point

  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 02:38

you are forgeting that the servers has people from around the world. Maybe it is convinient for you but not the rest of the world. On Saturday i had to wake up at 6:00 am because opur fleet was attacking the us harbour. That is not logical or nice to the rest of us.

I would agree with you howver, if all Harbours had the same time for attacking but a more convinient time for the majority of the players not only the ones leaving in U.S.A. but then again you americans only think about yourselfs and u act as if you are above/better than all the rest.

  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 03:28

lol, your current times aren't even right.

  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 03:32

having them all at the same time .... would kill the server ?

or maybe a trans-dimensional black hole will open and destroy the earth, teleporting all the navyfield members to the land of OZ.

  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 03:36

sanitarium is right, not all player are living in NA, i live in philippine and the only time play is around 4 or 5pm - 10pm server time

i can only join HA if its on a earlier time between the time i mention :( i really want to join HA, been playing 2 yrs and only 3x i joined HA :D

  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 05:49

That would make the IJN harbor at 4AM which means I'd have to wake up at 3AM to defend >.> At least at 5AM i can stay up but if the HA is over at 6AM It's too late for me to go back to sleet but too early to do anything.

  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 07:51

I am in favor of putting various times with TNF respective ports and we would vote
the players on the server to make important and that there tnf check the times
all countries that players log into the amount you can make more players
do ha

  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 08:29

The times should definitely be moved earlier in the day for EST. Having one in the middle of the night and then the next 3 more than 12 hours later makes no sense at all.

They should add in 1 more harbor and then it would make much more sense to have them at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm (the new one).

Those times for the 4 original harbors don't, necessarily, exclude anyone (as far as I can tell).

I would think that North and South America along with European players can play the above times reasonably well without completely excluding people with times at 3am or something.

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