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  • UK SS5 Mines coz it sucks

    11. 11. 2011 23:44

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Allow Subs that have fron torps only to drop mines.
They coulkd have two types.
Anti sub mines and surface mines for ships.
This would allow them to run from subs or set up a line of protection.
Subs could rise up to avoid if they could detect them causing them to be exposed.

I only know UK SS5 is a piece of rubbish and who ever thought it up and balanced it didn't know what they were doing.
This may make the sub a little useful because at the moment if you go up against any sub SS1 even you lose or if the BB or
CV keep circling then you lose as well and run out of air.
Reload is slow and only 4 torps. WOW thats heaps.
Gun is more inaccurate than a FF level 1


  • Re : UK SS5 Mines coz it sucks

    11. 12. 2011 10:30

Lol you really dont get this with the acc on the mn and uk gun first of the uk gun can 1 shoot a ff (i did on test server) second the uk subs got pretty mutch good torps and if the bbs is dancing with yea just go out from the dancing area and reengage how hard can it be?

  • Re : UK SS5 Mines coz it sucks

    11. 12. 2011 11:52

the 14 inche gun is pretty in accurate with 120 gunners i found it useless

  • Re : UK SS5 Mines coz it sucks

    11. 12. 2011 20:07

Congratulation phill thats is what they did creat it for, the deck gun on a sub isnt the main weapons and just look at a normal deck gun on a sub some isnt a part of the main uperhull it's pretty inaccurate to......