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  • Bring Back Fleet Member Movement

    06. 27. 2011 19:51

Recommend : 1

i really need to be moving fleet members from squads to other squads and waiting weeks is just too long....i remember u guys had bugs on this command but please fix them cause this is needed majorly. 


1. When squad leaders are not on and fleet leaders dont have space we can switch them from main fleet to squad members
2. Some squads get full and need more space so we need to send players to other squads that arent filled to make room

These are the main 2 reasons i want this to be recommended.....helps fleet leaders alot!  


  • Re : Bring Back Fleet Member Movement

    06. 28. 2011 12:09

Agreed, to send in a support ticket to get there ban lifted takes too long.

  • Re : Bring Back Fleet Member Movement

    06. 28. 2011 12:43

It was removed because it was bugged.

Players moved from the main to another squad for example(or vice versa) are seen as moved. if the squad
in which the player was move to gets disbanded, that player will still be in the fleet, but you won't be able to kick him, and the player won't able to get out of the fleet either.

Unless they fix it(which won't happen), they can bring "Fleet Member Movement" back.