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  • Good BB crew

    12. 03. 2011 11:24


Okay to all the people that know me I am not good at making crews so i need some help makin a good BB crew. Right now i have 3 reps and 6 engies and im not sure if that is the right amount or not so please let me kno if i haave it right. I also have lvl 67 acc boosted gunners
and uneven aa gunners and hopefully i can buy some tht are even. I have another pair of acc gunners tht i need to get rid lvl 50 acc gunners not boosted or elite. so please help me out people.


  • Re : Good BB crew

    12. 03. 2011 13:25

You can go
6 engies/4 reps no AA
7 engies/3 reps no AA (this is what I use)

if you want to use AA, class your gunners as RLD gunners, unless you want to use pompoms, when you use AA gunners.

(Make sure you have a scout too)

  • Re : Good BB crew

    12. 03. 2011 14:38

Well about the aa part; I want aa, but the thing is nelson doesnt have any scouts so would i just use the aa gunners(which i love the pom poms) or do i stick with having more support without scouts for when i get to the nelson. I kno i will need a scout when i have a reknown and a repulse.

  • Re : Good BB crew

    12. 05. 2011 16:37

2x elite acc gunner delayed class from gunner to rel-rel at lvl65




8engy with good rep stats
2x elite rep

1+1+2+7+3 = 14 crew << L2 and QV full slots

The 6engy 4rep is for mediocre UK BB crew experience eg. base10 or lower crews. The additional OH from more engies would very be useful in rushing tactics cause UK ranges are usually shorter than everyone else.

  • Re : Good BB crew

    12. 11. 2011 06:26

pecuLIAR info is spot on.

Uk can get away with alot less reps i wouldn`t go more then 3 would probobly go 2reps the rest eng.

This again is dependent on crew if you are running. The extra eng is the strengh of the UK line.

For fun you could lvl up a second crew with a pair of AA gunners as the pom poms are fun. its nice that the AA dosn`t kill your speed. only your overheat time as you lose 2 eng`s but fun to mess around with if your interested.^ be it not the best setup.

Overall tho stock up on eng. you will get 1 extra support slot then the other nations so again keep up the speed.