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  • US CV Crew

    12. 05. 2011 14:56

I am trying to trade my US cv2 crew for a bb1 crew. I can't set up trades in the barter section so if you are
interested just leave a reply and ill supply pictures. 


  • Re : US CV Crew

    12. 06. 2011 03:50

Activate your account (The Exclamation Point by your user name on the left). You'll be able to use the proper forum features.

Also Trading in any sort normally includes showing your sailors stats and stating what range of sailors your willing to trade for, to some people, BB1 could be lvl 54 BO and Gunners with lvl 20 support sailors. See the point?

  • Re : US CV Crew

    12. 06. 2011 04:55

Hello Hitman,

I have some L65 gunners with 100 elites and 100 vets on them, as well as some other odds and ends for USN. Normpearii is quite right, without knowing what you have and what you want (repairs, engineers) its impossible to trade. I may be able to help you out, if you post some pictures.