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  • Event Ships

    12. 06. 2011 15:28

alright gentlemen i know im gonna get hyuga for sure ( i went all IJN ships) but do i go for turtle ship, ebb2, or the ebb1?
i may just get le havre ( if and when i decide to go MN) but out of the IJN ships and turtle which is worth it?


  • Re : Event Ships

    12. 06. 2011 20:01

If you have a competent BB crew, I don't see why you should ignore EBB3 Hyuga,

One the side note.... why turtle ship? It's just a novelty ship

  • Re : Event Ships

    12. 07. 2011 10:09

he said he will get the Hyuga for sure, I think his question is what to get in addition.

on looks alone I'd take the Haruna but I can't see it being much better than a Nagato if stats is all your after. Mikasa is really the novelty ship, but i have no idea if its "good".

also, I've seen turtle ships as AA escorts in GBs, they are pretty damn good!

  • Re : Event Ships

    12. 07. 2011 10:14

The Turtle ship is kinda useless outside of being a sonar escort (and it's great at being an escort for a CV).

Haruna is just a beefed up Kongo (quite funny when equipped with EBB 12" guns and doing 47 knt OH)