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  • Complain about customer service

    06. 28. 2011 10:38

Hello guys.

I would like to express my feeling on the effectiveness of NF mod during this week.

I have been posted my problem in the "Technical Support" Page for a week and NONE of the MODs were willing to help. I have reply to myself serval times in order to keep the article updated.

 I understand the "General Discussion" section is not for complains and technical stuff so I didn't mention this issue here. Until now, I am totally fed up with this service as a programming based company cannot manage to even deal with my technical problem promptly.

Having understand most of the MODs are "really busy", I think my problem should come to a first piority (or at least a high piority) because I can't even access my account with other computers as well.

I am so disappointed with the service and all MODs are "busy" for catching people swearing, spamming, AFK host and cheating. These are all easy "jobs" and all can be done by simply click "kick" from their interface.

I have paid a lot of money in NF and really hope this time, some mods will be aware of this problem.

At this moment, at least, I am still willing to play NF but I am not sure how long can I stand for the waiting time.

Thanks for all of you who read this!




  • Re : Complain about customer service

    06. 28. 2011 10:41

See your original post in Tech support

  • Re : Complain about customer service

    06. 28. 2011 10:41


Just in case if you guys are interested, this is my post in "Technical Support"