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  • MN bb6 balancing

    06. 28. 2011 13:50

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ok so, ive played mn bb6 vs almost every other bb6 out their besides SN.  In line on line battleing it stands no chance.
While it is GREAT vs bb5s and one shots all of em it cant make up the rrange it lacks with only 39 knots.
Qv is 40 knots
Nebby is 39 knots
Amagi is 39 knots
Kaiser is 37 (longest range)
MN bb6 is 39 knots
and i belive p24 is 39 as well

MN bb6 lacks to much range on kaiser and nebby to get into range at the adverage speed of 39, now kaiser 1v1 a bit diffrent but we are talking about battle lines here.  It NEEDS a speed increase
of some sort (42 knots OH im thinking similar to alsace) to be worthy of Harbor Tile forces and worth the grind in my opinion.


  • Re : MN bb6 balancing

    06. 28. 2011 14:13

MN/SN balancing is still going on on the test server, all we could do is relax and wait and hope that they will release it sooner, most of MN/SN ship value,range, etc are already change in test server you could try testing their changes

  • Re : MN bb6 balancing

    06. 28. 2011 15:28

Willing to make MN BB6 to compete in Harbour tiles, just forget it. Seriously, I'll say you've chosen a wrong nation if you want something that stand a chance in a bb6 especially in line fight.

If you want to compete in bb6 line fight, the doors are open for any other nation. It's mean to say that, but that's the truth.

It took me a KM bb6 grind to fully understand, that KM in general, isn't made for GB and so I start over with UK for doing well in GB.

Let's face it, charlemagne won't be able to compete in line fight. Some ship shines in BB room, some in GB room.
Kaiser is usefull in HA, but is crap compared to QV in GB. QV is usefull in GB , but is crap compared to Amagi, Nebby, and kaiser.

To balance is another thing,but to make it competing against other bb6 especially on linefight forget it.
Plus, it's not a linefighter to begin with.

  • Re : MN bb6 balancing

    06. 28. 2011 16:32

one of the advantages on QV in line fights is the quick smoke hit and rettreat though the line of other bb6s like amagi nebby and kaiser. Mn bb6 would need speed to do that since it cannot take hits like AW QV and QV in general can. Also it is mostly about mn bb6 being able to ketch a nebby while nebby retreats. It has potential but has issues that must be fixed before it will be looked at as an able bb6.

  • Re : MN bb6 balancing

    06. 28. 2011 16:47

I agree with richard.

If you dont like it, suck it.

Charlemagne can do well in GB, just as QV does.
Plus it has a hell of a punch.

All km ships in general are good for bb battles. Just as UK seem better in GBs.