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  • MOGAMI......

    12. 17. 2011 20:51

hello guys!!! i just want to ask what is the ideal armaments of the cruiser mogami..... just post ur suggestions below.... tnx


  • Re : MOGAMI......

    12. 18. 2011 02:37

wait for the the 1944 remodel (lvl 50) then either load it full of TBs for Blitz, or full of Locas for GB. job done. When you get DBs load those in either Blitz or GB and get some nice xp =P

  • Re : MOGAMI......

    12. 18. 2011 04:21

At first use 6.1" N

Thay have good firepower and are qccurate enough at level (and have a ton of guns)
Later if you want to go toe to toe with lesser BBs in blitz you can use the 7.9 or 8" guns for extra range.

For GB i'd suggest using 6.1" (especially the A variant useby by DP gunners) and doing AA with it.

  • Re : MOGAMI......

    12. 18. 2011 11:18

The dual 7.9"s and dual 8"s are better guns in both damage and range if I remember correctly. But having 5 less shells, they're harder to use than the trip 6"s.

  • Re : MOGAMI......

    12. 19. 2011 10:52

I would hesitate to use the Mogami as a gunship until later level, unless your gunners are truly awesome, because the spread is horrible, the ship is a massive fat target and it's made of paper. I had a very frustrating time in my Mogami (CL), so much so I gave up on it until the remodel, but that was my first play through so my crew was not great. Still, it's worth noting if you're starting out, this ship is not instant awesome out of the can.

if you're running above-level EBVE crew ignore me, the ship has firepower in buckets and you will probably have a lot of fun in it.

  • Re : MOGAMI......

    12. 19. 2011 22:04

i loved my mogami with my 6.1" trips. i never failed with it.

but this was back in the days when skill maps were default for blitz not ZOMGRUSHNAOW hobbit war.

  • Re : MOGAMI......

    12. 20. 2011 05:28

imo the trip 6's group better than the 8"guns, however with the range & damage output on the 2nd set of 8" dual guns you should switch to those at later lvl's. (until you get the 2nd set of 8's i usually stick with the light 7.9's to save weight)

mogami is a range ship, up close she gets torn apart easily. i suggest torps (unclassed supports & DP gunners classed up to arm. sailors to gain most reload ability can use torpedoes) on the T's to keep other ships at distance.

  • Re : MOGAMI......

    12. 20. 2011 13:47

Outfitting a Mog:

Blitz: Aiming FCS, Guns: 7.9" if CL, 8"L if CA. Do not remodel to the CVE at lvl 50 if you plan on going for a BB, wait for the CA remodel. Only remodel at lvl 50 if you want to go for IJN CV's.No torps, these guns pack enough punch to destroy anything. If you're going for a BB, using torpedoes or any aircraft other than scouts will keep back your support crew (badly).
With the way SDE is handing out vets atm you shouldn't have much trouble getting close to 100 vets on your gunners. At level bve gunners are good enough to do well with them.

GB: Aiming FCS and any of the 6.1" trips, with an AA/HE shell loadout. Use 6.1" A only if you have lvl 80-90+ late classed DP gunners.