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  • Stop ss humping

    06. 29. 2011 03:39

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Please can we ban this it is the biggest fail I have seen in the game in ages and hs become more noticable in the last month or so.


  • Re : Stop ss humping

    06. 29. 2011 04:29

lol, yeah get that CV off that helpless SS!!!!!

  • Re : Stop ss humping

    06. 29. 2011 06:00

You know what can be done to resolve this? If the CV starts shooting.

Oh wait, most CVs are too cool to have guns. Too bad then I guess.

  • Re : Stop ss humping

    06. 29. 2011 06:34

Guns are there for a reason...

I would agree to ban this sort of actions if people could do nothing against it, but you can... the fact that you wish not to counter it is another issue.

  • Re : Stop ss humping

    06. 29. 2011 09:12

Manual DB or Auto DB, or down with him with TB.

  • Re : Stop ss humping

    06. 29. 2011 09:53

i hate when is 5minutes till end , everyone is killed and we need to find last SS. BOOORING

  • Re : Stop ss humping

    06. 29. 2011 10:26

No its just a pain in the ass having a BB that cant shoot to help you because of FF...

  • Re : Stop ss humping

    06. 29. 2011 11:13

Well what else do you want the SS to do? Just die? No, he wants attack, and the only way is to stay alive. How about we ban BBs going back for repair and CVs going all the way back to the border.

  • Re : Stop ss humping

    06. 29. 2011 11:36

doing such for a sub is highly tatical, its a safe spot as he gains air. Also like someone mentioned before CVs can carry guns that would fix the problem.

  • Re : Stop ss humping

    06. 29. 2011 11:46

a tad of background here: I am a BB,CV and SS user (all KM). On my cv I use only AA atm so I am vulnerable to this sort of attack

However, this is the most stupid request. the SS hump is one of the hardest to use tactics in the game for an SS. It requires to get through the BB lines, undetected usually, which is hard given the amount of PHH in the game. It then requires you to find a stationary unarmed cv (its a lot harder if it is moving), and resist the ss instinct to fire torps. then surface underneath it, and flakk it. the simple counter to this is for the cv to accelerate towards their BBs, forcing the SS to dive. I admit to being a heavy practicioner of this tactic, the other major reason is that shell damage is the way to Xp for a SS driver, torps only go to shared xp, not personal xp.

  • Re : Stop ss humping

    06. 29. 2011 14:11

so ss cant hump but all the other ships are free to do like the pesky ff's and dd's
its a thing of the game and if the ss still got some torps i say let him use his umbrella
if not he shud go and die
if ur a cv use ur t slots for hh and don't put reps on there and whine that a sub humps u

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