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  • extra SD in SS

    12. 20. 2011 18:28

I never saw a post talking about this, so, I decided to make one.

Some peaple should know that alredy:

I realize that if you put a restore in the gun slot (useless for ijn SS) your SD will arise a lot

there are some pics:

obviously, the restore will not work properly in the gun slot and when your crew is high lvl,
he doesn't going to fit; but the extra SD is really usefull

***sorry for the image size


  • Re : extra SD in SS

    12. 20. 2011 18:38

Solution for all lazy ss driver:

Start rolling decent crew and not just random crappy 12 on first sight. Or buy ellite failure gunners.
And learn how to lvl crew properly.

Because you could reach 900 SD in SS without any restorer.

  • Re : extra SD in SS

    12. 20. 2011 19:06

seems like you just found out what restorers do.

put them anywhere on the ship. restore stat on all sailors increases ship total SD

  • Re : extra SD in SS

    12. 21. 2011 13:15

I use a restorer on my subs for the extra SD. They also confer an armor bonus, tho I don't think it's been calculated.